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Vegan Baking

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Last week, I tried making a vanilla vegan & gluten free cupcake for my dad because he’s vegan and he can’t eat flour either. I just took my normal vanilla cake recipe and used substitutes (Almond meal for flour, organic ground Flax seeds for eggs, and vegan margarine for butter) for the ingredients that were not vegan. The cake batter tasted really good but when I took the cake out of the oven, it looked horrible! The cake didn’t even look like a cake and remained as a liquid.

But, anyways yesterday I decided to try once more. I changed my recipe for the cupcakes a little bit (instead of using margarine as a substitute for butter, I used grape seed oil) and this time my efforts were successful (hurray). Unlike normal cupcakes these (vegan) ones had a crusty top and the inside was really really soft and chewey. In other words, it was AMAZING! It tasted different but really good. My dad loved it! After the first batch of cupcakes, I made another batch and this time I added little bit of valrhona choclate. Also, instead of using sugar I used agave nectar. These cupcakes turned out to be good as well. They had a chocolate crust and inside were chewey. They were a little bitter (for my tatse – but dad liked it). I tried them with vanilla ice cream later and than it was yummy.

Here’s a really helpful website for those who have allergys, are vegan, or just want to eat a healthy dessert.

vegan baking and tina bday 027

vegan baking and tina bday 031

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