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Strawberry Filled Chocolate Cake


Yesterday, i made something new and different! It was a simple chocolate cake that was soaked in a raspberry sugar syrup and filled with homemade whipped cream and fresh organic strawberries. It was a six inch cake that was cut into 2 layers. The sugar syrup was made by boiling sugar and water together and then adding a little bit of raspberry extract. It keeps the cake from drying out and makes the cake softer. I whipped some whipping cream and added a bit of powdered sugar for sweetness. After that, I added finely chopped strawberries into the whipped cream and slathered it in between the 2 layers. I decorated the cake with plain sweetened whipped cream and fresh strawberries. To find the recipe of the sugar syrup look below the pics or in Recipes.

Here are a couple of pictures I took:





Sugar Syrup

Makes enough sugar syrup for two six inch cakes

or Β½ cup of sugar syrup


ΒΌ cup of granulated sugar

ΒΌ cup of water

1 tsp. of any extract (Optional)


1.Pour water and sugar into a pot.

2.Constantly stir on high until the sugar and water comes to a boil.

3.Remove the pot from heat and wait for it to cool down a bit.

4.Then add your choice of extract.

5.Brush the sugar syrup on the cut side of the cooled cake and let the sugar syrup soak into the cake for about 5 minutes.

Author: sofia abbas

just a teenaged girl with a food blog and a passion for baking

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Filled Chocolate Cake

  1. OMG Sophia this is extremly amaizng! U have a talent I never knew u were so good at baking! I’ve been on this site for about an hour! I can’t tell u how amaizng this is! I’ll be sure to ask u when the time comes to make me a cake! Cus girl u got a talent


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