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115 Cupcakes!


Last week I made A LOT of cupcakes! 115 to be exact. I have never made such a large amount of cupcakes in my life. That’s 12 batches of cupcakes and frosting! You all are probably wondering why I would make so many cupcakes in one night in the middle of the week. Well I’ll tell you.

Every year my school has a fall/Halloween festival for all of the 6th graders and a couple of students in our Leadership class gets to be in charge of holding this event, this year I was one of those students. We were planning to buy cupcakes for all of the students, but then I volunteered to make them. The flavors of cupcakes and frostings I used were chocolate and vanilla. The recipes I used are from these websites: chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. Since this was a Halloween themed festival, I decided to make the vanilla frosting orange and use orange and black cupcake liners for the cupcakes. I also sprinkled some orange and black sprinkles to make the cupcakes more festive. Hope you like it!

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes before and after they were frosted.


20131027-093618.jpg  20131027-093714.jpg

20131027-093603.jpg  20131027-093736.jpg

20131027-093754.jpg   20131027-093550.jpg



Author: sofia abbas

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3 thoughts on “115 Cupcakes!

  1. THats so cool! XD



  2. Sofi Jaan again u made such amazing stuff ,(my baking queen,)love each and everything u have made.God bless u and keep u safe.loads of love and duas.


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