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Lahori Nan Khatai


Hi everyone! Last weekend, I made a very interesting and different dessert. I made Lahori Nan Khatai. Nan Khatai is a Persian/indo-pakistani butter cookie that is made with ghee (clarified butter), sugar, all-purpose flour, gram flour, cardamom, and roasted almonds and pistachios. Since we didn’t had ghee at home we made our own using organic butter.

A bit of history about Nan Khatai; it is a traditional cookie that has been around for hundreds of years! This is a really good,  sweet,  melt-in-your-mouth cookie that my dad and his siblings craved for as kids. I had actually made 2 different kinds of recipes on Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday I made the cookies using this recipe and on Sunday I used this recipe. The recipe I used on Saturday was very good in my opinion and my dad agreed to, but claimed that the cookies did not taste much like the nan khatai he used to have as a kid. So, the next day was try #2. When my dad tried the cookies I made on Sunday, he said that they tasted and looked just like the cookies he had as a kid.

I gave some to my great aunt and uncle and they said the same thing, it reminded them of their childhood.

Here are the pictures of the cookies I made on Saturday:




Here are the pictures of the cookies I made on Sunday:






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2 thoughts on “Lahori Nan Khatai

  1. :0 oh myGod. Incredible 🙂 🙂 Sofi love it


  2. can you plz post the recipe which you made on sunday


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