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Koeksisters (African Donuts)


This week everyone in my world history class had to do a project on medieval Africa. There were many things you could do for the project and one of them was cooking. So, I decided to make some kind of African dessert. I looked all over the internet and found a recipe that seemed popular and fun to make. These treats are called koeksisters.

Koeksisters are braided donut like treats. To make them you take 3 pieces of dough and braid them (you can also twist them together) and deep-fry them in hot oil. Then right after the koeksister is taken out of the oil, dunk it into an ice-cold sugar syrup. After that all you have to do is let them cool in the fridge and you can eat these tasty treats.

These were really delicious and were really sweet with a hint of ginger from the syrup. Everybody in my class loved them and even asked for seconds. If you would like to try these you could go on to my recipes page or just click here: PART 1 & PART 2

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Author: sofia abbas

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2 thoughts on “Koeksisters (African Donuts)

  1. Looks yummy!!!


  2. My darling Sofia another job we’ll done.keep it everything u make 🙂


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