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Frozen Themed Elsa Cake


Here’s a cake that will cool you off this summer….

This cake is based on the character from the Disney movie that brought the song that is on every radio station these days.  Yup, you guessed it, the ever so popular song is “Let It Go” from Disney’s FROZEN!


This movie was so lovely and adorable that I just couldn’t stop thinking of ways to turn this movie into a cake. When my mom’s co-worker requested a Frozen themed cake for her daughter’s birthday, I was ecstatic!

I have to admit, my brother and I might have watched this movie a few more times than we should have and maybe memorized just about every quote 0__o, which only made me more enthusiastic.


I searched for creative and unique ideas for decorating this cake and then I got an idea from a cake that I had made a while back (You can find that post here) in November. Since this cake was for a little girl, I thought why not make the cake look like one of the female main characters. So that led to me making an Elsa doll cake!

I made this cake much skinnier than my previous princess cake, because Elsa’s dress in the movie is quite slender.


To get this shape,I stacked many cakes on top of each other with buttercream in between each layer. I then took a serrated knife and carved the cake until I got the shape I wanted.

Before I stacked the cakes, I cut out a small hole in each one using a circle cutter. These holes lined up when I stacked the cake. The purpose of this hole was too make space to slide the Elsa doll in. To avoid getting frosting on the doll, I covered the doll’s body and hair in plastic wrap.

I covered the cake and bodice of the doll with fondant and used frosting tinted blue and different sized decorating sprinkles that looked like little pearls to decorate.  For a more realistic look, I used blue and silver pearl dust for the back part of the dress and the bodice.IMG_3405[1]

Because this cake is a smaller sized cake, I added a few decorated cupcakes as well.


I was very happy when I was told that the birthday girl’s family loved the cake and cupcakes. Overall, I think this is a really cute and creative idea for any kind of princess and another great thing about it is that the birthday kid gets a doll to play with afterwords!

Update: My mom talked to the girl’s mother and she said that her daughter loved the cake so much that she didn’t even cut it! She wanted to keep it for as long as she could. Even though the cake was never eaten, I am so happy that she enjoyed the cake enough to preserve it.

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3 thoughts on “Frozen Themed Elsa Cake

  1. lovely Sofia. Looks amazing.


  2. Where to buy the elsa doll for the cake obviously not wanting the expensive doll you buy from disney shop thank you


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