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Chocolate Mousse Cake

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Here is a cake for chocolate lovers everywhere!

photo 4 (4)

Today I have here a chocolate mousse cake. This irresistible chocolate goodness is complete with a dense dark chocolatey flourless cake base and topped with a thick layer of sweet chocolate mousse and bittersweet chocolate ganache.

photo 3 (4)

For decorations, I garnished the cake with a few raspberries and made a border and a tiny bow out of chocolate fondant

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The lucky person who was given this cake was my own mother for her birthday.


But this was only the end result of the cake. I faced a few problems while making this cake that almost completely ruined it….

Now let me tell you a very long and true story on The Journey Of Making A Chocolate Mousse Cake.

                written by me.

Once upon a time, I was baking in my kitchen.  At first everything was going smoothly. My flourless chocolate cake was already baking in the oven and my chocolate mousse was all ready to go.

I took my chocolate cake out of the oven and let it cool. The cake was baked in a spring form pan (a kind of cake pan where the sides of the pan detach) so I opened up the sides of the pan to let the cake cool better.

Once the cake was cooled, I put the cake back into the spring form pan with the sides on and then poured all of my chocolate mousse on top making a smooth thick layer. I then placed the whole pan in the freezer to let the mousse firm up on top of the cake base.

My goal was (once the cake was completely done and on a serving plate), to see all the beautiful chocolate layers. Well, unfortunately that was not the case. Somehow the chocolate flourless cake had dwindled in size by just a little bit. And because the cake shrank a bit from the size of the pan, it allowed some of the mousse to drip down the sides of the cake base.

But that’s not all. I was running out of time so I made the mistake of taking the cake out of the freezer sooner than I wanted which resulted in the mousse not completely setting. By this time I had already made my chocolate ganache and I was ready to pour it over the chocolate mousse layer. It turned out that the chocolate ganache was too heavy compared to the unset chocolate mousse, so both chocolate ganache and mousse mixed together on top.

At this point I thought I completely ruined the cake and didn’t think I could fix separating the layers. So instead I took a toothpick and swirled the layers together creating a swirly pattern of dark and light brown. I then put the pan into the freezer again for about 25 minutes. 

I took the pan out and was about ready to reveal the finished cake.I detached the sides of the pan and saw the chocolate mess that I created. The 3 chocolate layers were no-where to be seen, the chocolate mousse was melting a bit more every minute, and the top of the cake was an uneven sheet of soft chocolate. 

All I could think at this time was “I hope it tastes good”.

By this time It was too late to do anything as we were going out for mom’s birthday dinner. I started to panic and since mostly the cake sides were messed up (because you couldn’t see the chocolate layers) I thought “why not make small individual cakes.” So I took my large circle cutter and tried to cut out a circle out of the cake. 

And of course, that didn’t work either.  The cake got stuck in the cutter itself and wouldn’t come out. So not only did that idea failed but it ruined the whole shape of the cake. I mean a hole in a middle of a cake doesn’t exactly look very gourmet.


I had no idea what to do so I decided to sleep on it. I pushed the cake into the fridge for the night and hoped something would come to me by the next day.

The next morning, sure enough my mind was fresh and bubbling with ideas. I didn’t want to risk ruining the cake anymore, so I did something very simple and cut the cake into a smaller rectangle. As I cut away the rounded sides of the cake, it allowed me to see the layers of chocolate . I immediately put the cake into the freezer so that the mousse wouldn’t melt again.

The previous day I had actually piped “Happy Birthday” like a million times in white chocolate on some parchment paper. So I then carefully tried to peel the chocolate words off of the parchment paper about a million times but the chocolate kept breaking. After struggling for some time, I was finally was able to peel “Happy Birthday” without cracking it.

I took out the cake and placed the words on top and decorated the cake with a couple of  fresh raspberries. I also made a simple border and a bow with chocolate fondant.

The cake looked much better than it did before and the birthday girl enjoyed the cake very much along with all of our guests. By the end of the day I was really tired but I was glad the cake turned out well. THE END!

So there you have it, how I turned my embarrassing baking disaster into success.

I know, I should probably publish a book like this: “How To Fix Baking Disasters” by Sofia Abbas Buy it now at your nearest book store! Just kidding.

But anyways, my family was happy with the cake, I was happy with the cake, and most importantly my mom was happy with the cake, so I guess it was all worth it!

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Thanks for reading! 😉

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One thought on “Chocolate Mousse Cake

  1. The whole story is true. My God she really turned it around. I saw it all. Credit goes to the parents also for being soooo supportive. The cake was the best best in taste.yummy yummy


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