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Ladybug Cake 4 Kids Cake #8

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Here is a lovely cake that you can’t help but adore- a LADYBUG cake!


This cake was made for an 8 year old girl who requested a ladybug themed cake via a non profit organization that I volunteer for called Cake 4 Kids  (more info about Cake 4 Kids click here).  So I thought why not make a ladybug themed cake was that was shaped and decorated to look just like a large ladybug!


Of course I did add some features to the cake to make the ladybug look a bit more friendly and cartoon like.

This cake was especially fun to make because I could make it as cute and girly as I wanted too!

For example, I added little red fondant bows….


…and rosy pink cheeks…..


….and purple and pink fondant flowers!


The cake itself was baked in a large glass bowl for the body and a very small glass bowl for the head. I covered both parts with fondant before attaching them together.


The face was probably my most favorite part to do because that was where you saw most of the cuteness and character of the ladybug. The antennae were the only parts that were not edible. It was made by covering pieces of florist wire with black fondant.


When I put the cake onto the cake board, the cake didn’t look complete, so I put some shredded coconut into a plastic bag and added a few drops of green liquid food coloring (liquid coloring works best for this) and mixed the coconut with the green color until I got the color I wanted. I then place the coconut all over the cake board (that was frosted with icing) as grass and then added a few fondant flowers that I quickly made to add some more color. I used some letter cutters to cut out “Happy Birthday” and then the cake was complete!


This cake was so much fun to make and I hope the birthday girl enjoyed it!

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Thanks for reading! 😉

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