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Minnie Mouse Cake {Cake 4 Kids Cake #9}

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This cake that I have for you today was a very fun cake to make. I designed it for a little Disney fanatic and was themed after every kids’ childhood favorite Disney character!


Nope, it’s not Mickey or Elsa, but none other than Miss Minnie Mouse. I made this cake for a non profit organization that I volunteer for called Cake 4 Kids.

This cake was a simple vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting. I made two 8 inch cakes that I covered with red fondant and I baked a tiny dome shaped cake that I covered with black fondant.


This was a fairly simple cake to decorate. I cut out white circles like the ones on Minnie’s dress and I used a bit of water to attach them on the sides of the cake to create a polka dot affect . The night before I had made her signature polka dotted bow out of fondant and I placed it on top of the black dome. For her big ears, I used a big circle cutter and cut out two circles for each ear out of black fondant. Then I took one circle and brushed the back with a little bit of water and placed two toothpicks in the center with half of the toothpicks sticking out of the bottom of the circle. I took another circle and placed it on top so that it would cover the toothpicks. I did the same thing with the other circles.




I let it dry overnight and then placed both ears on either side of the black dome. The bow and ears created the top of Minnie’s head. I cut “Happy Birthday” out of white fondant, placed it on the cake with a bit of water, and the cake was complete!

This cake was so much fun to make and I hope Melody loved it too!

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One thought on “Minnie Mouse Cake {Cake 4 Kids Cake #9}

  1. Beautifully done as usual. Reminds me of the ladybird that u made when I was there.


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