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HALLOWEEN Treats {& Video Tutorial}

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Last Friday was one of my favorite holidays- It was HALLOWEEN! I have always loved Halloween since I was a toddler. I love the costumes and the candy, but most of all the Halloween baking!

There are so many things that I would’ve made this year, but I settled on a couple of very simple and tasty treats that were really fun to make.

The first treat I made were these very cute mini candy corn themed cupcakes. These were SO easy to make. I basically took some vanilla cake batter and dyed half of the batter orange and the other half yellow with food coloring. Then I put a scoop of yellow cake batter in the cupcake liner and then on top, a scoop of orange cake batter. I let the cupcakes bake like usual and then piped on some white vanilla buttercream on top to complete the candy corn effect.





For decoration, I also drizzled on a bit of melted semi-sweet chocolate.

Next, I made these pumpkin shaped piñata cookies that I filled with mini M&Ms and sprinkles. These took a bit more time to make. For these cookies, I used my egg-free sugar cookie recipe with an extra 1/2 cup of sugar added to the dough.


I also made a short YouTube tutorial on how to make these. For more tutorials please subscribe to my YouTube channel – TheBakingOwl




The last Halloween treat I made were bite sized spider web rice krispy treats. I made this at the last second and it took almost no time at all to make. First I made a batch of rice krispy treats (which I have a video tutorial on). I than pressed the rice krispy treat mixture into a greased pan and let them cool. Then I took a small circle cutter and cut out a number of small circles. I then took chocolate chips ( you can use any kind of chocolate) and melted it into a piping bag (or a zip lock bag with the corner snipped off) and piped on little spider webs. Just One batch made a lot of these cute little rice krispy spiders . I took them to school the next morning on Halloween day and shared them with my friends and they all loved them!



You can also check out my last year’s Halloween treats!

Just like previous years, this year I also made my own Halloween costume. Here are a couple of pictures of me on Halloween night. I was Robin from Batman & Robin!



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Also to watch tutorials on how to make many delicious treats, subscribe to my YouTube channel – TheBakingOwl!

Thanks for reading! 😉  

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