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Apple Decorated Cookies

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So I normally don’t decorate cookies with royal icing, but when I got an order from my school to make these adorable apple shaped cookies, I couldn’t resist. You see, my school hosts a “Staff Appreciation” day in which a luncheon is organized just for them. I was asked if I could make cookies that looked like apples. I thought that it would be super cute to have these cookies as a part of food buffet that was organized for my teachers, and plus I don’t do enough of decorated cookies, so I said of course!



I realized that I needed an apple shaped cookie cutter, so I found this one off of amazon. I also thought that this was a great opportunity to try a new sugar cookie recipe, so I tried this one (which was delicious by the way).

To decorate the cookies, I wanted an icing that would harden nicely, so I turned to making royal icing. Now, I don’t usually use royal icing because I don’t really like the taste. But for these cookies, I made an exception and it turned out to be great.

After baking all 60 cookies and making my royal icing in flood consistency, I dyed most of my royal icing a vibrant red color using my super red Americolor gel paste food coloring and the rest of my icing brown and green. I then put all of my icing into piping bags fitted with #1 and #3 Wilton tips. Also, I covered my bowls that had my excess icing with damp paper towels so that the icing wouldn’t harden.

After that, I piped and piped away.


I originally was going to pipe the names of every staff member, but it turned out that I didn’t have enough time (or space) to do that (and some teachers’ last names are REALLY long). So instead I piped SMS (my school’s initials) on as many cookies as I could.

I only got a chance to take pictures after they were packaged, but I think they turned out pretty cute ;). I was so happy to hear so many thank you’s from my teachers. I’m glad they really enjoyed them!

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