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My 100th Post + My Trip to the Culinary Institute Napa {A Taste Of My Life}

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As you probably know from the title, this is my 100th blog post!  I started this blog 2 years ago and at that time I called it “Sweet Baking”.  I really wanted to make food blogging a bigger part of my life, so to motivate myself and to be deeply committed, I bought my own domain called “The Baking Owl”. It has been a wonderful journey so far. Since I have actively started blogging, I have found out so much about the food blogging community. I’ve also been learned so much through my many experiences (both good and bad) about baking, photography, and writing.

I’m so glad that I have not been the only one benefiting from my blogging. I am so happy to have people of all ages (especially younger kids) saying how inspired they were after looking into my website and recipes.

Since last year, I have started posting many healthy recipes as I am learning a lot about the chemistry of different foods and their benefits (thanks to my dad). So from now on, I will probably be posting a lot more of health conscious recipes for you guys!

I also have decided to write posts on my personal adventures in life, so that you guys know a bit more about me and what I do other than bake, write, and take pictures of food.

In the beginning of January, I got the chance to take a tour at the Culinary Institute of America at Napa. So here’s my first post on a little “taste of my life”!

Me and about 15 other students from my school went to this astonishingly creative place and had an amazing experience. First of all, the school itself was gorgeous! It was huge and basically looked like a castle. And if you’ve been to Napa, then you know how beautiful and green it is. I was so really excited to find out what’s in store for us as we entered the building.






When I stepped inside, I immediately noticed the large chandeliers hanging above me and the high ceiling that went up three floors.


We first went to the cafe that was run by the pastry students. It was sooo pretty and unique.



Not to mention their gift shop. I literally wanted to buy every single thing inside.



When our tour started, we first saw the room where students and chefs do demos for the public. There was a full kitchen set up, complete with a beautiful double oven. After that, our tour guide showed us their newest kitchen on the first floor where the chefs and the students learn. I was also excited to see a whole room dedicated to chocolate and pastries.

Sorry for the blurry pics, I was probably to0 excited to hold my camera still. Or maybe, it’s just that I am too short and couldn’t see what I was taking pictures of 😦 The struggles of being 5 ft tall)


Look at these beautiful chocolate sculptures!


There was also a room (open to the public) which had a bar and shelves filled with all kind of cookbooks. I could’ve been there all day flipping through the cookbooks, but unfortunately no one else wanted to do the same so we moved on to the next floors.



I learned that the institute used to be a wine cellar which I found very interesting. I also found out that you are taught math, English, and other subjects other than the culinary arts once you are enrolled in their graduate program.

The culinary institute also has an amazing restaurant that’s open to the public in the evening. Everything cooked there is made by the students which is so cool.




After the tour and taking about a couple hundred photos, we all went to get lunch and then after that, we stopped by a gourmet grocery store and looked at all the delicious food on display.



I came across a beautiful array of gourmet chocolates that made my mouth water. I couldn’t resist, so I got a couple of different kinds of chocolate that came in this cute little box. I got vanilla pecan, mint chocolate, and expresso.



We still had some time before we had to head back to my school, so we dropped by the Bouchon bakery. We were lucky to get there while the line was short, but the second I stepped inside, it was a baker’s dream place. There were all kinds of pastries. There were croissants, mini macarons, eclairs, brownies, muffins, you name it!



I just couldn’t decide, but I finally settled on a chocolate eclair. Unfortunately, by the time I got out my camera, the eclair was three quarters of the way eaten and my hands were sticky with delicious chocolate. Oops.

After my stomach was full with delicious gourmet food, we headed back.

I couldn’t wait to tell my parents about my amazing experience. After this amazing tour, I think the Culinary Institute of America Napa is definitely a school I would want to go to in the future. Stay tuned for more tastes of my life!

Thanks for reading! 😉


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