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My Trip To DISNEYLAND {A Taste Of My Life}


A few weeks ago, I did something really exciting, I went to Disneyland alone for a few days! I haven’t really been anywhere far away for this long without my parents, so it was an amazing and new experience for me.


The reason I went to Disneyland was because there was a leadership conference being held there. If you didn’t know, I’m part of our school’s leadership, so about twenty people in my leadership class went on this trip with me.

We left at about 11:30 in the morning. We drove in a really nice bus that had these little TVs in it.




The bus drive was about 8 hours so we watched a bunch of disney movies (including High School Musical in which our whole bus was singing along to ;)).


When we were a couple of hours away from Los Angeles, I just had to take pics of the beautiful sunset :).


After eight hours, two rest stops, going through LA traffic, and accidentally driving to the wrong hotel, we finally arrived at (the right) hotel.


It was fourteen stories tall and really nice. I shared a room with 3 of my friends on the tenth floor, where all the other students had their rooms as well.

IMG_3532 IMG_3536 IMG_3531

View from the 10th floor-


Our hotel was really big so we decided to go exploring. A group of friends and I went to the pool, gym, gift shop, and even somehow ended up in a ballroom. Some other students were having fun and playing elevator tag (I mean there’s 14 floors, how could you not 🙂 )

The next morning we had to wake up at 6:30 to get ready for the conference in Disneyland. After I and the other girls in my room got ready, we went down to eat breakfast from a huge buffet of food.


We ate till our stomachs were filled, and then we left for Disneyland!



I’ve been to Disneyland once about 9 years ago when I was 4, so basically everything was new to me since I had no memories of Disneyland.


It was kind of early in the morning, so we were all really tired (also considering that most of us slept pretty late the last night). The conference was held at Disney’s Grand Californian Resort so everything was really fancy. There were a bunch of tables where other leadership students from different schools sat.

IMG_3544 IMG_3545IMG_3546 IMG_3547

The conference itself was really fun and I met a lot of new people and we played a lot of games that made us think. The conference lasted until 12:00.  There was a lot of good food there too!


Also we got to take a picture with Mickey Mouse himself after!


After the conference, we were free to roam around Disneyland until 1:00 in the morning, so I and a group of friends excitedly decided where to go first and what rides we wanted to ride.

IMG_3541 IMG_3542 IMG_3543

IMG_3552 IMG_3540 IMG_3553IMG_3554 IMG_3555

I don’t why, but I just hate any kind of rollercoaster or any extreme ride. (Yeah, I know I’m really weird) So I stayed behind for some of the rides.

My friends first went on a rollercoaster, so I stayed behind and ate a churro and did some exploring.

IMG_3565 IMG_3562 IMG_3563IMG_3564 IMG_3560

I did go on some rides (more like forced by my friends). The first ride that I had gone on was the Indiana Jones ride where we waited in line for 50 minutes while we played Heads Up.

IMG_3571 IMG_3572

I was then forced to go on Space Mountain, but I absolutely loved it and was thankful that my friends forced me to go on it ( even if I did resist at first).


After going on a couple of more rides, we went to a pretty and very pink restaurant that made me feel like a Disney princess.

IMG_3575 IMG_3576

In Tomorrowland, all of us went on Autopia which was really fun, even if we did keep bumping into each other…

IMG_3579 IMG_3580


Unfortunately, the castle was under construction, but I did take a picture of this cute little owl.


This part of Disney was so pretty.

IMG_3567 IMG_3570

….And at some point my wonderful friends managed to take my camera away from me.


We went on a few entertaining kiddie rides before it started to get dark.

IMG_3578 IMG_3577

IMG_3581 IMG_3582

I’m the really short one in the middle…


After a few more rides we decided to go to California Adventure because the “big kid” rides apparently were there (which I was terrified about). Three of us wanted to go on California Screamin’ which I got queasy by just looking at it and the other three (including me) stayed behind. Another friend and I decided to go on a really fun and cute ride which was the Silly Symphony Swings ride.



I’m really afraid of heights but nevertheless, the ride was very enjoyable. I went on another ride before eating dinner at a restaurant nearby with my 2 other friends. By the time we were done eating, the others who went on California Screamin’ had finished their ride.

The six of us met up with a couple of other friends and they all wanted to go on Hollywood’s Tower of Terror which was the ride everyone except me were anticipating to go on from the beginning of the day.

Still have no idea why anyone would go on it. It’s taller than our 14 story hotel :/


I was definitely not going so I stayed behind while everyone else waited in line for the ride. I had about 45 minutes before they were done with the ride, so I bought a hot chocolate and roamed around and took pictures.


Here is the iconic and very pretty Ferris Wheel 🙂


IMG_3587 IMG_3592

Look what I found 😉

IMG_3599 IMG_3600 IMG_3597

There was also a big Frozen themed party that looked like a lot of fun, so I went to it. There were blue lights everywhere and loud music was playing. People even carried blue drinks that glowed.

IMG_3585 IMG_3593 IMG_3594

There was even a place where you could meet Olaf, but the line was a mile long so I decided to just buy a little Olaf stuffed toy which is now chilling on my bookshelf :).


After a little while, my friends came out of the ride with mixed feelings. Some of them loved it while some of them unfortunately felt sick.

Since the ones who went on California Screamin’ hadn’t eaten yet, they decided to eat at a Chinese restaurant nearby while the rest of us sat with them deciding where to go next. We still had a few hours left so we agreed to leave California Adventure and go back to Disneyland. We then waited in line to go on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (which I loved)


and the Haunted House. It was getting pretty dark by then and there were A LOT of people. We literally had to link arms and drag each other through the crowds so that we wouldn’t lose anyone (which had already happened earlier in the day).

There were also fireworks!


It was about 11:45 pm and we were debating what to do last before we left. At the end, three of my friends and I decided to go on Space Mountain one more time.

The rest of the group were really tired and decided to go back to the hotel early.

We had to wait one hour in line for Space Mountain but it was okay cause one of my friends had bought beignets (powdered sugar coated, donut, like pastries) that we all shared and devoured. At one point the ride broke down, but thankfully it was fixed soon enough and we were able to get on the ride. I’m pretty sure Space Mountain is now my all time favorite ride (even though I haven’t been on many rides).


It was past 12:00 when we got off the ride, so we took the monorail back to Downtown Disney. We shopped at the big Disneyland gift shop for last minute shopping for our families. We then met up with the rest of our leadership class and while we waited for everyone in our class to come so that we could leave, we shared our different stories and experiences we all had. (Sorry there aren’t more pics for that day, it’s kinda hard to keep my camera alive for 17 hours)

When all of our leadership students were together (except for the ones who left early) we walked back to our bus. It was one in the morning, all of us were dead tired, and I’m pretty sure I burned all of the calories I had eaten while in Disneyland by walking so much. (and I ate A LOT of food)

We actually ended up walking in the opposite direction to where our bus was located, so that didn’t make any of us happy, but nevertheless we made it to our bus and back to our hotel where I pretty much collapsed on my bed the moment I was in my pajamas. Luckily we didn’t have to wake up as early as the day before, so we all slept as much as we could.

Afterwords, the other girls in my room and I got ready and packed our bags before going down to the 1st floor for breakfast. We still had about an hour before we had to leave, so we went back up to the 10th floor and hung out in our other friends’ rooms.




When we left, every single one of us were really sad because it was all over, but we still had our 8 hour bus drive home, and while we weren’t as excited compared to the bus ride to Disneyland, we still talked about our adventures and all of our inside jokes we shared.

IMG_3607 IMG_3608

Me with my owl pillow. I look so sad 😦


And we of course watched a bunch of movies (although I caught up on my lack of sleep instead).

When we had our first stop 3 hours into the bus ride, we all rushed out at once because we were all starving and there were a bunch of different fast food places to choose from. We also had only 10 minutes to get back to the bus, so that got us running to whatever place we were going to.

And after a few more hours, we arrived back to my home city and we all got off the bus where our families were waiting for us. It was sad that it was all over and we had all gotten really close with each other and we didn’t want to say goodbye (even though we would see each other the next Monday).

This was an adventure that I will surely never forget, and I will most likely have other adventures coming up, so stay tuned for more tastes of my life!

Thanks for reading! 😉


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