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Sushi Themed Cake


I recently got an order to make a cake that I’ve never made before- a Sushi themed cake! I was really excited to make this cake and I was pretty happy with how it came out.


What do you think?


I made this cake for an adorable little boy’s older brother. This little boy was the first one to befriend my younger brother when we moved to a new place last year. Unfortunately, the little boy’s family moved recently, but his mother knew that I baked and asked if I could make a cake for her older son’s 16th birthday.

I immediately said yes when she told me the theme for the birthday as I always love trying out different designs and themes for cakes.

When she asked for a sushi themed cake, my head started buzzing with ideas. I looked on Pinterest (what would I do without it?) and found a lot of creative ideas.

I eventually decided on a design that incorporated some elements from cakes I saw online.

My design was kind of simple, but I wanted to put in a lot of details into the fondant decorations.

To cover my cake, I used fondant that I colored with cornflower blue food coloring.

To hold my fondant sushi, I made a fondant wooden plate. To make it, I first shaped the plate with white fondant and let it harden over night. Then, I mixed brown gel food coloring with a bit of vanilla extract. I used a clean paint brush (that I only use for cakes) and I brushed strokes of the brown mixture on the plate. For darker streaks, I added more food coloring to my food coloring/extract ratio. I enjoyed this part very much, it felt like I was back in preschool, painting carelessly.


Before I go on, I have a confession to make.

I’m not the biggest fan of sushi. For some reason the idea of raw fish and seaweed just doesn’t seem appetizing to me. My mom and dad on the other hand, love sushi.

So basically, the fondant sushi making part was a bit hard for me since I only had pictures to use. Hopefully, I did an okay job on getting the fondant to look as accurate as real sushi.


To make the sushi was simple enough. I really focused on getting the right vibrant colors that I wanted. For the rice, I used long white jimmies (sprinkles) which I adhered to the fondant with water. For the fish, I spent time getting the exact color that I was looking for. I used orange, pink, and yellow food coloring to get the color of fondant. I used my trusty fondant tools to add details to the fish. Also, to give the fish a little shine, I mixed some piping gel with a bit of orange food coloring and used a paint brush to brush the tops of the fish.




At the last minute, I decided to make the ginger that is usually served with sushi.


Other than the sushi, I also made two very tiny bowls out of white fondant. After I let the bowls dry, I used some wasabi colored fondant (which I achieved by using two shades of green, a bit of teal, and yellow food coloring) and shaped it into what looked like a little mound of wasabi. I used a bit of water to adhere it to the inside of one bowl. I made some soy sauce by mixing black food coloring and piping gel. I put it into my other bowl and if you let it sit for overnight, the piping gel will sort of firm up, but still look like a liquid.


The last thing I made for the top of the cake, was a fortune cookie, cause why not? This was very easy to shape and I even rolled out a paper thin piece of white fondant for the fortune. I let the fondant dry and wrote “HAPPY B-DAY!” on the fortune with a food pen. For more detail, I also dusted the edges of the fortune cookie with a bit of brown luster dust.


The border of the cake was inspired from a picture of a cake I saw on Pinterest. I wanted the border to look like green bamboo. So after looking at pictures of bamboo and watching a YouTube video on making fondant bamboo, I made my own bamboo border. I used the same green fondant I used for the wasabi except I made it slightly darker and using a couple of fondant tools to get the shape I wanted. I also dusted the fondant bamboo with brown luster dust and a mixture of light green and dark green luster dust.


To finish the cake, I made a green fondant banner and wrote happy birthday with my black food pen.


After I finished making the cake, I put it inside a cardboard box and the family came to pick it up. I was so happy with the positive feedback I got and I’m so happy they enjoyed the cake!


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Thanks for reading! 😉  


Author: sofia abbas

just a teenaged girl with a food blog and a passion for baking

5 thoughts on “Sushi Themed Cake

  1. The plate of sushi is so lovely! Can’t believe it’s made from only fondant. A really good job! 🙂


  2. I just want to say the sushi cake you made for my son was amazing.. Not only was it decorated perfectly the cake tasted delicious.. You are one talented young lady with a great future in baking ahead of you… Thank you so much and we miss you guys!!😄


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