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2 Tier Smiley Face Themed Cake {Vegan}

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It’s been too long since I’ve posted a decorated cake, so here’s a cake I recently made for a boy’s 1st birthday.  The cake was a two tier vegan cake with a vegan buttercream frosting.


I had a lot of fun making this cake. There were so many colors I could’ve used, but I settled on yellow, orange, blue, red, and a nice mint green. The boy’s mom wanted smiley faces incorporated into the cake without using too much yellow, so I settled on using mint green fondant as the base color for the cakes.


I decorated this cake with a lot of smiley faces, colorful stars and a simple ball border for both tiers using different colors.




I wanted to make the “Number One” stand out, so I cut out a thin fondant in the shape of the number one and used a wooden skewer to hold it up.


I decided to put “Happy Birthday” on the cake board itself. To make the birthday banner, I hand painted the words with a thin brush and black gel food coloring. For the smiley face details, I first used a black food pen then went over it with black gel food coloring.



I got a wonderful email from the little boy’s mom saying how she and all of the guests loved the cake and I’m so glad that they did.

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