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50th Birthday, Black & Gold, Road To Life Cake

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It’s been four whole posts since I’ve written a cake post, so here you go. As you can tell from the title, this was a 50th birthday cake for one of my parents’ very close friend. For this cake, I collaborated with a good friend of my parents’ and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. She and another good friend used to have an amazing cake business and over the years I have learned quite a lot from them.


She did a beautiful and delicious job of baking, carving, and frosting the cake, while I made most of the decorations.

This cake was a “Road to Life” themed caked with a winding road or path with items on the road that symbolized several important events (starting from birth) that had happened in the last 50 years.

This cake had black and gold as the theme colors. She had covered the cake in a goldish color frosting and then sprayed the whole thing with a gold color mist that worked really well.


The cake itself was two tiers, and I wish you guys could’ve tasted the cake cause it was just unbelievably good. The top tier was a butterscotch cake with caramelized nuts and the bottom tier was an amazingly soft, spongy coffee cake.  Mmmm…

Anyways, back to the decorations. Everything was made with fondant and it took me about eight hours straight to complete everything. Among the several decorations I made, my favorite probably were the babies 🙂



I cut out a bunch of little black banners where I wrote a specific year with white food coloring and a very thin brush.

I also hand painted this piece of fondant that was supposed to look like a Pegasus, which was the logo for a cricket team that the birthday guy was on when he was a teenager.


The cake topper was a shadow house with the number 50 cut out in gold with gold edible balls pressed into it.

IMG_2247 2

Here are some of my decorations right after I made them:





Everyone loved the taste and design of the cake which I was very happy to hear. It had been a long time since I  worked on a cake with someone else and I am so glad that I had such a great time doing so!


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Thanks for reading! 😉

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