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Pink Ruffle Cake {Cake 4 Kids Cake #10}

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It has been a REALLY long time since I’ve made a cake for “Cake 4 Kids” and I’m so glad I finally made time to make a cake for them. (For more info on Cake 4 Kids, check out my Cake 4 Kids page.)

This time I made a cake for a little girl’s 2nd birthday. For this cake, I decided to use frosting to decorate instead of fondant to broaden my icing decorating skills.


To decorate, I made these pretty and delicate pink ruffles onto the sides of the cake to give it a princessy sort of feel. I used the Wilton tip #104 which is a petal tip. This tip is mostly used for icing flowers, but can also be used to make pretty ribbon like decorations.


The family requested a vanilla cake, so I took it to the next level and made a vanilla cake dyed pink. To do that I just added pink gel paste food coloring to the cake batter and baked it like a normal cake and out came beautiful pink cakes.


For the frosting, I went for a nice pale pink color which I achieved with my Americolor pink food coloring. Also, here’s a tip for people who use butter based frostings like me – use white food coloring to whiten the frosting. This way, your frosting won’t have a yellowish tint to it. This is especially good when you’re covering your cake with frosting that isn’t dyed with any color.


Because I was covering the sides of the cake with the ruffle technique, I didn’t have to worry too much about smoothing the icing underneath. I did however have to smooth the frosting on top as perfectly as I could. Here’s another trick to achieve that smooth finish- after you frosted the cake with your crumb coat and let it set in your fridge or freezer, frost the top with your main coat as best as you can and then place it back into the fridge/freezer. Once the frosting hardens, using clean fingers, let the heat of your finger melt any uneven streaks of frosting and then place the cake back into the fridge to chill.


I made a border on the top of the cake using my Wilton #1M tip that I thought kind of resembled flowers.

I’m not the best with writing with frosting, but I managed to write out a message. I made that color of frosting with fuchsia and pink gel paste food coloring.


I did not use all frosting for this cake. With some fondant I had left over from another cake,  I made a simple little flower only using circle cutters.


I found this idea on Pinterest (aka the place where 99% of my inspiration comes from ;)) and thought it looked adorable and perfect for a little girl. To make it, I first cut out a medium sized circle of fondant, and then cut out a bunch of small circles. I used a ball tool to indent the center of the small circles to give it a rounded shape. I then layered all the small circles onto the medium circle using a bit of water as glue. I put the whole thing in a small flower former for a few hours to dry. I was initially going to use 2 or 3 flowers on the cake, but realized I didn’t have enough space, so I just used one. The fondant was colored with fuchsia and pink food coloring.

Here’s the cake in the box, all ready to go!



I really enjoyed making this cake and I will hopefully make many more cakes for Cake 4 Kids in the future!

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Thanks for reading! 😉

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