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Gold & White Red Velvet Cake w/ Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting (Cake 4 Kids Contest {2015})

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It’s been a whole year since the last Cake-Off 4 Kids, so you know what that means…

I just competed in the 2015 Cake 4 Kids contest! If you don’t know already, for the past two years, I’ve competed in this cake competition. This competition is held by the non profit organization I volunteer for called Cake 4 Kids. I’ve always loved competing in this contest, so I was really excited to be baking for this one again.

In the past two years, I was in the “Made by Kids”  category, but this year I didn’t register in time to be in this category, so I had to choose a category that wasn’t filled up. I ended up choosing the “Best Tasting” category.


I’m not going to lie, I was a bit intimidated just because I would be competing against adults this time. As this category was being judged on taste mostly, I didn’t stress too much on the decoration.


It’s not surprising that I used one of my favorite cake flavors for the competition. Yup, I made the classic red velvet cake with my favorite vanilla cream cheese frosting.


I opted to decorate the cake with frosting. For the sides of the cake, I used my Wilton 1M tip to pipe little star/flower like decorations. I used tweezers to place every single gold sprinkle into the center of each star. (Yes, it took a LONG time) After hours of doing this to both cakes (One for the judges and other one for public tasting), my fingers were so sore, I could barely move them. Thankfully, it was all worth in the end.


I wanted to do something different to the top of the cake, and I remembered a technique a good friend of mine had used on a cake that she had made for the contest last year. I absolutely loved the chocolate leaves she had made, and I decided to do something similar as well. So from our small mint leaf plant, I picked out the biggest mint leaves I could find. Than, I found some white chocolate and melted it. Next, I took a baking tray and placed a piece of parchment paper. I then took a food brush, and brushed a thick coat of white chocolate onto the more textured side of the mint leaf. I let the leaves freeze for 10 minutes in the freezer and then took them out. Using my tweezers, I very carefully peeled off the mint leaf and all was left was a beautiful white chocolate leaf. They break very easily, so I had to be really careful.


I then took some brown luster dust mixed with gold luster dust and brushed it onto the leaves.  I really love this technique and I will definitely use it in the future (not to mention they taste like peppermint bark!).


Along with the chocolate leaves, I piped little swirls of frosting with the same Wilton tip. For an extra shine, I sprinkled more gold luster dust on to the swirls.

Back to the competition <–

Our ride to the venue was pretty stressful and nerve wracking considering it was a bumpy 1 hour long drive with two cakes. When we got there, it was almost 4 pm and I had to set up my cakes onto my designated spot in the room filled with black clothed tables.

At 4:30, the judging started, and then at 5:00, 250 people started to come in to taste cakes. I was really happy to hear so many compliments about my cake. A number of people actually came more than once to grab a sample of my cake which really made by day.


I also got to meet so many amazing bakers, some that were new and some that I had seen before.




At 7:00 the prizes were announced, and I was so happy to be awarded 3rd place especially since I was competing with adults. 🙂

FullSizeRender 339


I had such a great time at my 3rd year of baking for Cake 4 Kids and I will hopefully be entering the competition for my 4th year next time!

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Thanks for reading! 😉

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