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Sweet 16 Cherry Blossom Cake

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a fondant cake. I was soo excited to get this cake order for a cherry blossom cake for a girl at my school’s sweet 16. It was a very exciting experience as I’ve never done a cake like this before. Her party was cherry blossom themed, so the cake I made followed that theme as well.


This cake had two tiers which I’ve done only a couple of times, so I’m really glad it worked out. The bottom tier was 8 inches in diameter and the top tier was 6 inches.


I covered the cake in white fondant and later brushed splotches of pink luster and silver pearl dust for some shine.


The cherry blossoms were obviously an important part of the cake, so I made a whole bunch of them. I used a couple of fondant molds and cutters to make my cherry blossoms. I made my flowers with gumpaste because it hardens a lot quicker then fondant does. I put some of the flowers on floral wire so that it would be easier to stick into the sides of the cake. For the other flowers, I just used a bit of leftover frosting to attach them. I used one of my thin fondant brushes to brush pink luster dust into the centers of the flowers.



The tree branches were made using this mold which I found really helpful and easy to use. I made some details with a knife by drawing in some lines and I also used brown luster dust to make the branches seem a bit more real. I attached the longest branch with water and to help it stay in place, I used cut pieces of floral wire. I added the smaller branches using more water.


There was some open space on the cake, so I covered it up with little flower petals and tiny baby cherry blossoms (yes, I know “baby blossoms” aren’t a thing :/ ).


I was really happy with how the “16” topper came out. To make it, I used pink gumpaste (again, to dry faster). For each number, I rolled a log out of the gumpaste and inserted a piece of a wooden skewer into the center of it. For the 6 I just used a curved piece of wire instead of the skewer. I curled the edges of the log into the number I wanted. I made the bottom piece of the 1 separately. I let the topper dry for about twenty four hours.


The border for both cakes was fairly simple. I cut out a long 1/2 inch strip of light pink fondant and dusted it with pink luster dust and silver pearl dust.


Because this was a two tier cake, I had to make sure the top tier was stable. I did this by using wooden dowels inserted through both cakes.


I was really happy with how this cake turned out and I’m so glad that the birthday girl and everyone at the party enjoyed it!


Happy Birthday, Taylin!

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Thanks for reading! 😉

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