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Batman Cake

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Thanksgiving break happens to fall around the same time as my dad and my little brother’s birthdays. My brother’s birthday came first which meant I had to somehow find the time to make a cake for him.


In the past I’ve made few themed cakes for him including this cookie monster cake and this lego cake. My brother and I are both huge superhero geeks and this year was all about Batman. This cake was a bit difficult to get done between four other desserts I had to make that same week, but I’m glad it came together in the end. I only had one day to make this cake when a regular cake like this usually takes me at least two days.


The birthday boy requested a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, so that’s exactly what I did. I made a four layer cake using my favorite dark chocolate cake recipe.


The fondant decoration was pretty simple. I covered the entire cake in dark gray fondant and I cut out a black border for the sides of the cake that’s meant to look like Gotham City’s skyline. I cut out a circle of black fondant for the top of the cake and an oval of yellow fondant that was slightly larger than the Batman symbol. For the symbol, I traced the logo onto a piece of paper and cut it out to use as a template for my fondant.


I finished the cake off with yellow lettering to spell “Happy Birthday!”.

My brother thankfully enjoyed the cake (he can be really picky when it comes to my cakes) and so did the rest of my family!

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