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Aloha Hawaii! (Pt. 1) {A Taste Of My Life}

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(Edit: It took me a LONG time to complete this post as a lot happened in between and I also had to edit hundreds of pictures that were taken which is why I’m posting it few months late :|.)

Summer vacation was upon us and we were looking for some place fun and relaxing to go for vacation. Or rather my dad was looking for places as my mom and I were in Las Vegas during this time. (Click for more on our trip to Vegas)

So basically what happens is my dad calls my mom while we’re in Vegas and tells her that we were going to Hawaii. My mom excitedly asks when. That’s when my dad replies “Oh, in two days”.

Yup, planning two days in advance for a two week trip to Hawaii. Fortunately this wasn’t the first time we’ve gone into a trip with proper planning (refer to Spring Break Trip), so we kind of made the plans along the way. If you know me, then you know I’m not a very spontaneous person, so this was an adventure indeed.

(Warning: this is going to be a very long post (hence divided into two parts) as a lot happened, so excuse me as I take a deep breath *takes deep breath*)

Okay, so let’s start off with Week 1, Day 1:

To catch our plane in time, we had to wake up at three in the morning and this was the day after we came back from Las Vegas, so I was pretty tired and grouchy. Nevertheless, we woke up and drove to the Oakland airport. I did get less tired after I had my coconut milk latte.

FullSizeRender 359

We got on to our plane to Phoenix, Arizona, where our connecting flight was.

FullSizeRender 358

My brother and his adorable little cube shaped orange juice that I was obsessing over ;).

FullSizeRender 339 FullSizeRender 341 FullSizeRender 345

And then we got onto our flight headed to Maui, Hawaii. We would be staying in Maui for two weeks.

FullSizeRender 369

After 6 1/2 hours, we arrived at the Maui airport. This was our first time in Hawaii, and everything looked so different.

FullSizeRender 343 FullSizeRender 363 FullSizeRender 365 FullSizeRender 342

From the airport, we went to pick up our car that we were renting for 2 weeks. And from there, we headed to our hotel that was in a cute little coastal town called Kihei. (By the way, do you know how hard it is to pronounce some of these names? Asking for directions was a pain ): )

FullSizeRender 371

FullSizeRender 340 FullSizeRender 355FullSizeRender 373 FullSizeRender 351

Oooh fancy water…

FullSizeRender 350

Here’s our hotel room (ft. my parents photobombing ;))

FullSizeRender 364 FullSizeRender 360 FullSizeRender 372 FullSizeRender 366

It was around lunch time, so we went to this restaurant called Cafe O’Lei which had amazing food.

IMG_0612 IMG_0606 IMG_0605 IMG_0604 FullSizeRender 349 FullSizeRender 361

After, we had the very popular shave ice (why isn’t it “shaved ice”?). I had the Blue Hawaii with vanilla ice cream which was SO good.


FullSizeRender 348

And that ended Day 1. Moving on.

Day 2:

We had to wake up a bit early to go to a free orientation the hotel was giving.

We had a bit time before the orientation, so we walked to the beach that was conveniently located across the street.

FullSizeRender 385

FullSizeRender 345

At the orientation, we got breakfast and learned about things we could do during our stay.

FullSizeRender 349 FullSizeRender 388

After that was over, we drove to this really cool plantation where just about everything grew.

FullSizeRender 375 FullSizeRender 383

Before we went on the plantation tour, we grabbed a quick lunch at this cute little place at the plantation itself.

FullSizeRender 360

FullSizeRender 374

Ft. a chicken.

FullSizeRender 381

There was also this organic plantation store where my dad stocked up on tons of fresh fruit.

FullSizeRender 387 FullSizeRender 371 FullSizeRender 372 FullSizeRender 366 FullSizeRender 362 FullSizeRender 339 FullSizeRender 386 FullSizeRender 384

We got to sit in a train for our tour of the plantation. As most of you know, my dad is obsessed with fruits and he’s also a holistic nutrition coach so he went kind of crazy with all of the tropical fruit trees and plants. It was kind of funny actually cause he would point out the different fruit trees before the tour guide would.

FullSizeRender 340 FullSizeRender 376 FullSizeRender 364 FullSizeRender 365 FullSizeRender 373 FullSizeRender 380

Our tour guide also gave us this really cool coconut husking tutorial.

FullSizeRender 377

Rain also randomly poured so by the end of the tour, I was soaked. I don’t even know how I got wet considering the train was covered. (?)

FullSizeRender 370

My mom and I went to this little soap shop at the plantation after the tour. There were a bunch of lovely smelling soaps there.

FullSizeRender 358 FullSizeRender 344

The tour guide had also mentioned that there was a really good ice cream place inside the gift shop, so my brother and I got the Kona Mud Pie ice cream which just might be my favorite ice cream flavor of all time. The ice cream is basically a coffee ice cream with chocolate syrup and cookie pieces. It was REALLY good.

FullSizeRender 360

On the way back we stopped at a coconut water stand which had delicious fresh coconut water inside of the coconut.

FullSizeRender 378

We also stopped at a small craft fair where we saw a bunch of cute little trinkets and other things.

FullSizeRender 347

FullSizeRender 389

FullSizeRender 367

That night, we ordered room service for dinner while we watched Full House ;). My mom’s birthday happened to be that day, and while I couldn’t make a cake, we did order this delicious one.

FullSizeRender 379 FullSizeRender 342

Day 3:

The next morning, we went to the Kihei Caffe for breakfast.

FullSizeRender 345 FullSizeRender 340FullSizeRender 344 FullSizeRender 346

My mom and I shared this delicious Almond Joy Latte. 🙂

FullSizeRender 342 FullSizeRender 350

After, we got some coconut water (we had a lot of coconut water on this trip) and we headed to the adorable town of Paia.

FullSizeRender 339 FullSizeRender 348 FullSizeRender 341 FullSizeRender 352

After some roaming around, we went to the beach located near by. This beach was particularly rocky, but very beautiful. Apparently, the beach that we were on was where many professional wind surfers do windsurfing.

For dinner that night, we went to this delicious Italian restaurant.

FullSizeRender 347

FullSizeRender 352dbc

And that wraps up day three!

Day 4:

Day 4 was really fun and full of new experiences. We drove to this place where we went on boat (along with other about 20 other people) into the ocean to snorkel. My dad and I were the only ones that tried snorkelling, while my mom and brother hung out on the boat and took pictures.

FullSizeRender 361 FullSizeRender 365

FullSizeRender 358

Hawaii was filled with gorgeous sunsets!

FullSizeRender 374

Snorkeling was really interesting. There were beautiful fishes of all different colors underneath the surface and the water was the brightest shade of blue I’ve ever seen. I saw the underwater sea life that was breathtaking to say the least. It was a whole new world under the water with beautiful corals and reefs  all around us. I wish I could’ve taken pictures of what I saw, it was truly an amazing experience. After that, we had lunch on the boat courtesy of the staff on the boat.

Day 5:

Day 5 was really busy. We drove to a well known town called Lahaina where we saw the famous (3000 year old) Banyan tree. Tourists from all over the world come to see this amazing tree.

FullSizeRender 354 FullSizeRender 357

After looking at the amazing marvel of nature we went to the famous burger joint called “Cool Cat Cafe”. We had one of the most delicious meals ever. Especially this vanilla ice cream, peanut butter cup, and Nutella shake. Mmmm. Definitely a drool worthy treat!

FullSizeRender 359 FullSizeRender 353 FullSizeRender 360 FullSizeRender 365

After lunch, my mom and I went to a bunch of cute little stores around.

FullSizeRender 339 FullSizeRender 346 FullSizeRender 349 FullSizeRender 366


FullSizeRender 340

Towards the evening time, we got some freshly squeezed juice from Jamba Juice. My dad was thrilled to see the juice bar as he was finally able to grab something to drink.

FullSizeRender 363 FullSizeRender 358

By then, it was time to see a Hawaiian show called “Ulalena” that we had tickets for. It was a really amazing live show that narrated the history of Hawaii. I wish I had taken some pictures, but I unfortunately I couldn’t as it was not allowed.

FullSizeRender 344

On our way home we spotted a DOUBLE RAINBOW! I was so excited about this that I immediately jumped out of the car to take about 50 pictures of it before it faded away.

FullSizeRender 347


Anyways….we drove back to Kihei, but we didn’t go back to our hotel as we had only booked the hotel for a 5 nights. Our family had rented a two bedroom apartment close to the beach for the rest of our stay. Here’s a little tour:

FullSizeRender 343 FullSizeRender 348 FullSizeRender 362 FullSizeRender 342 FullSizeRender 350 FullSizeRender 351 FullSizeRender 361FullSizeRender 352 copy

I finished that night off with a bit of light reading ;).

FullSizeRender 355

Day  6:

On this day we had attempted to take the road to Hana. The road to Hana is this practically never ending road that takes you to the city of Hana. It takes a few hours one way to get there, but that’s the whole point of the trip. This is because along the road, there are many stops and tourist attractions.

FullSizeRender 348

I say we attempted to take the road to Hana because we never actually completed it. We only got about 1 1/2 – 2 hours of driving time before my mom got really car sick and we had to head back. Although it ended shortly, we did get to stop at a few really cool places.

My favorite being the Twin Falls. While my mom wasn’t feeling too good, the rest of us went ahead. There was a farm stand, where my dad bought fresh sugarcane juice.

FullSizeRender 340

My brother and I headed on to the Twin Falls which is a beautiful waterfall. My dad having MD (Muscular Dystrophy) couldn’t come unfortunately as the hike to Twin Falls was a bit steep and was hard for him to climb.

FullSizeRender 342 copy

FullSizeRender 342

FullSizeRender 347

Can I just tell you how tiring it was to walk to the waterfall?  My brother and I weren’t prepared for a mile and a half long walk (and that was only one way). When we finally started to hear water, we excitedly made our way past this river-like obstacle course.

FullSizeRender 343 FullSizeRender 344

It was a bit tricky to get past it because of how slippery the rocks were, especially for my seven year old brother. Once we made it, we climbed over some more rocks and we finally arrived.

FullSizeRender 343 copy FullSizeRender 341

FullSizeRender 349

The lake surrounding the waterfall was a bit too deep for my brother who doesn’t know how to swim. Lucky him got to be my camera man :). I must say, he took pretty good pictures for a 7 year old.

FullSizeRender 346 FullSizeRender 341 copy

Can you find me?

FullSizeRender 344 copy

There I am. 🙂

FullSizeRender 339

After a swim under the waterfall, we headed back to our car….

FullSizeRender 348 copy

The hike back wasn’t very fun and when we got back our dad was there waiting with an empty cup with no sugarcane juice in it. My dad didn’t leave any juice for me, but that was okay considering how long my brother and I were gone for. :/

Shortly after this stop was when we decided to head back. We did however stopped at this lookout where I took pictures of this beautiful view.

FullSizeRender 346 copy


FullSizeRender 347 copy

Day 6- finished. NEXT DAY.

Day 7:

This was a pretty lazy day, so my brother and I headed to the beach…

FullSizeRender 339 FullSizeRender 347

…where we built this SUPER AWESOME sandcastle….

FullSizeRender 342

Pretty waves. Also my head.

FullSizeRender 341

Oooh, sand.

FullSizeRender 340 FullSizeRender 343 FullSizeRender 344 FullSizeRender 348

That was pretty much all for that day, but the next day was a lot more exciting! We went to a LUAU! Check it out in my Hawaii adventure part two :).



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