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50th Chocolate Coffee Birthday Cake

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Adding to the list of desserts I made during Thanksgiving week, I made this 50th birthday cake for my mom’s cousin. My whole wheat chocolate coffee cake is a favorite among my family, so I made this along with delicious milk chocolate frosting as the filling.



I used a simple piping technique to pipe little rosettes on the top of the cake with a star tip. I made the number 50 with melted chocolate and round gold sprinkles. I piped the number 50 multiple times (in case some broke) onto a piece of parchment paper and let the chocolate harden in the freezer. After words, I picked my best one and quickly transferred the frozen chocolate onto the cake before it melted.



I’m terrible at getting the sides of the cake completely smooth (also I get a bit impatient :/ ) but this time I easily covered them up with chocolate hazelnut wafers.


The cake turned out to be really simple, but elegant. Not to mention yummy! 🙂


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