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lemon raspberry cake.

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Among the latest trends in the world of baking, naked cakes seems to have become ever so popular. Beautiful cakes for weddings and celebrations kept popping up on my Pinterest (yes, I Pinterest) and I wanted to incorporate this unique look into this delicious lemon raspberry cake.




Lemon raspberry is a classic combination that I’ve been itching to make, so I made a few tweaks to my base vanilla cake recipe with some lemon, and I whipped up some of my favorite (and so easy!) raspberry buttercream.

For the cake layers, I squeezed in some lemon juice and the zest from the lemon, and I also reduced the amount of vanilla extract I used. Depending on how tart you want the cake to be, you can easily alter the amount of lemon you put in.


Here’s a weird fact: my mom and I happen to be lemon enthusiasts. In fact when I was little, I used eat raw lemon slices, rind and all (I know, it’s kind of gross). Ten year old me must have had a high tolerance for lemons because as much as I love lemons, there’s no way I could eat it the way I used to.

Anyways, after the cakes were all baked (and my kitchen smelled heavenly of sweet lemon), I proceeded to make the frosting. The frosting is incredibly easy. First, I made a batch of a simple buttercream frosting. Then, over to the stove, I cooked down some raspberries and a bit of sugar and water to create this beautiful, sweet, raspberry syrup. I strained the syrup through a sieve to catch any seeds and lumps, and then I added a few tablespoons of the syrup to the buttercream. The syrup naturally gives the buttercream a gorgeous pale pink color, but I wanted a bit of vibrancy, so I added just a bit of pink gel food coloring.

After the cakes were cooled completely, I spread the raspberry frosting onto one of the cakes as the filling. I tried to put a bit more frosting than was needed so that you could see the pink filling peek through the sides of the finished cake. I stacked the second layer of cake on top and spread more buttercream on.


Can I just say that I love naked cakes; I never have to stress about getting perfectly smooth frosting on the sides of a cake ever again!  Less time frosting = more time eating which is basically a win-win situation.

Lastly, I garnished the cake with a few raspberries and a piece of lemon which looks pretty fancy, but I really just twisted a thinly cut piece of lemon :).


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Thanks for reading! 😉

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