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princess cake.

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Another princess themed cake? Yup, and I’m not complaining because they’re always the most fun to make (I say that about every cake I make, but trust me on this). Working with these bright colors and so much edible glittery pearl dust; there’s no way this could be anything less.

It’s been a looong time since I’ve worked with fondant which school is to blame for. If it wasn’t for school being important to you know, my unforeseeable future and career, I’d be tempted to drop everything and become a crazy old cake lady at sixteen. Anyway, it was so great to be able to dive back into the cake making waters (now I’m just imagining soggy cake ugh sorry let’s move on) and get my hands covered with so much edible gold glitter. It was absolutely wonderful.

This cake was originally made for a little girl but at the last minute it was changed to two little girls – to which I frantically rewrote the girls’ names about twenty hundred times ( I can’t help it, my crazy perfectionist qualities even outweigh my stress-induced impatience).

(also I should mention, all of these pictures were taken before I made the name change)

For cake flavors, I did a vegan chocolate cake with a light and fluffy strawberries & cream filling. The cake was crumb coated with my regular buttercream and of course covered with a lovely pink fondant. I decided to go with an elegant pink/ivory/gold color palette.

My favorite parts of the cake decorating process hands down are all the little accessories that I made by hand. Making the crown, the wand, and the little jewelry gave me and seven year old me immense joy. And of course the glittery, shiny, gold dust. I went to town with the gold dust and used it by mixing some dust with a couple drops of peppermint extract to form a nice thin paste. Any clear extract or alcohol would work for this – all the alcohol will evaporate when the gold dries. I used food brushes to simply paint on the gold.

I wrote the name out with my trusty edible marker onto a fondant cut out. When using these edible pens, make sure the fondant you’re writing on has set and dried enough; if you write on soft fondant, the marker will bleed and make a mess.

I was really excited about the quilting pattern I tried out on the cake. I used a ruler to measure distances between each diagonal, and I used a straight edge just to press into the fondant, making visible indents. It took a few calculations for me to figure out the right amount of space I wanted to put between the lines.

And then I placed pearl shaped sprinkles on every. single. meeting. point.

I might have had an existential crisis at some point because I swear I aged 30 years between the first and last sprinkle. At the end it was all good because I’d like to think of every cake I decorate as an intense action packed film. Will her fingers ever stop cramping from holding tweezers? Will she fall over unfinished because of  the five hours of sleep and coffee she’s running on? Will she finish in time for the next season of Stranger Things? Honestly, the suspense was riveting.

As a whole, this cake was a breath of fresh air from the too many essays I’ve written in the past weeks and I hope to be baking more regularly as I’ve *cough* been on a nine month hiatus.

As always, thanks for reading and happy baking,

Sofia ❤


Author: sofia abbas

just a teenaged girl with a food blog and a passion for baking

One thought on “princess cake.

  1. I’ve missed seeing your posts and your fabulous creations. I especially loved your sushi cake.

    Sofi Khala



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