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cake4kids mint & pink bow cake.

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If you’ve been around here since the Very Beginning way back in 2012 (if so, I sincerely apologize for middle school Sofia’s aversion towards grammar rules and her other strange antics) then you probably know of my work with the organization Cake4Kids. A wonderful bay area based nonprofit devoted to baking birthday cakes for foster children and at-risk youth, I was deeply saddened when I moved out of the Bay Area and couldn’t volunteer anymore. You can imagine my joy when a few years later, they opened a new branch much closer to where I now live. I immediately took up baking cakes for them again, starting with this one: a mint green cake with a real big gold lined bow topper.

Because I had to deliver this cake on a Friday, I had to make it on Wednesday and Thursday in between school, so I really had to keep my design simple due to the time constraints. I tried to make up for it by using brighter, but still pastel, colors, so I opted for a mint green/pink color palette with some gold to add a bit of a pop.

I got my mint green fondant base using my trusty Americolor gel food coloring. I also used Americolor food coloring in the colors dusty rose and deep pink to get the color of my bow.

All my gold decorations were simply made with edible gold dust that I combined with a few drops of peppermint extract (you can use any clear food extract, or just any clear alcohol) to get a gold paint like consistency.

I had a few issues with my bow, as it’s been a looong time since I’ve done a fondant bow, but after a few unsuccessful trial runs, I managed this final one, that admittedly I was not completely satisfied with, but I eventually let go in hopes that the birthday girl wasn’t secretly a professional cake critic.

I lined each section of the bow with the edible gold paint I mentioned above, and I matched the bow with the birthday girl’s name which I also accented with gold.

By far, the most terrifying part was the delivery. I sat shotgun in my van for 40 minutes, holding onto the cardboard cake box like a lifeline, praying I didn’t experience a vine worthy cake fail. As I reached my destination, all the tension in my body seeped out only to come back just as fast as I saw the two flights of stairs I had to carry the cake up. Somehow, through an overly cautious and much too slow trudge, the cake and I made it, both of us completely intact.

And that was pretty much my cake4kids comeback experience! I’ll definitely be volunteering for this organization much more often now, so stay tuned!

As always, thanks for reading and happy baking,

Sofia ❤


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