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sprinkles & pink ganache cake.

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Fall is finally here (at least I think it is – California as usual doesn’t understand the changing of seasons so we’ve still got 75 degree weather :/) and I started off the season with a fun cake order for two twin girls’ birthday. As most siblings do, these girls couldn’t agree on a single cake flavor – which is completely relatable because at 17 years old I still get into unnecessarily loud altercations with my 10 year old brother over The Best flavor of cake (which btw is red velvet, sorry Aman I don’t make the rules) – so I compromised and made this chocolate and vanilla layered cake with a vanilla buttercream frosting and a white chocolate ganache topping. A pretty good solution, I think.

I was asked for the cake to not be too flashy or intricately decorated which was probably for the best considering I was making this during the week, in between school and work. I ended up frosting the entire cake with a simple white buttercream and adding some pops of color with sprinkles and a tinted white chocolate ganache.

White chocolate is not something I usually use in the kitchen (I’m a dark chocolate kinda girl), but I thought that coloring the ganache would give some vibrance as well as some new flavor. It was requested for me to not use any artificial food coloring (with the exception of sprinkles, thank goodness), and so after experimenting with some interesting vegetable based food colors, I achieved a nice, soft, pale pink with an all-natural liquid food coloring containing beets. While I wouldn’t recommend using it when trying to get a really bright or saturated color, it works just fine for softer pastels.

I made the white chocolate ganache exactly how I make any other ganache – heated up heavy cream and chocolate. Because I was planning on doing a white chocolate drip around the edges of the cake, I needed the consistency of the ganache to be pretty runny, but still thick enough so that it wouldn’t drip all the way down the sides of the cake. I had to play with the ganache a little bit, adding more cream or more chocolate to get the right consistency. I ended up adding more cream than chocolate in order to get what I wanted.

I poured the ganache into a piping bag with a small corner of plastic snipped off, and proceeded to pipe the drips as well as cover the entire surface of the cake top. I had to work quickly in smoothing the top of the cake as the ganache set up pretty fast, and I wanted to avoid getting any unevenness and streaks.

The bottom border of the cake was pretty straightforward. I simply (I say simply even though this made a huge mess and has probably lodged rogue sprinkles into every crevice of my kitchen) pressed handfuls of rainbow jimmies into the sides. The buttercream on my cake was not tacky enough for the sprinkles to stick, so I just brushed just a little bit of water to help the sprinkles stay on.

I finished off the cake with some extra buttercream that I placed in a piping bag with a star tip and piped out a few rosettes around the top of the cake and sprinkled a few more jimmies around the top just for a bit more color. Lastly, I wrote out the girls’ names in melted white chocolate that I let harden in the freezer before placing onto the cake.

And that’s basically it – a layered chocolate & vanilla cake with sprinkles and pink tinted white chocolate ganache!

As always, thanks for reading and happy baking,

Sofia ❤

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just a teenaged girl with a food blog and a passion for baking

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