The Baking Owl

A blog written by an aspiring 16 year old baker…..

About Me

Hi! My name is Sofia Abbas and I’m the Baking Owl. Welcome to my food blog. I’m a 16 year old girl who has a passion for baking and an obsession with owls. I’ve been baking since I was 6 and I started to write a weekly blog in 2012 to share my ideas, recipes, what I baked during the week, and my very interesting (not really) life. All of the recipes are my recipes unless written otherwise. I mostly bake cakes and cupcakes, but I also enjoy baking cookies, brownies, and other desserts/pastries. I also make many healthy desserts as my dad is a huge nutrition nerd (ironic, right?). I always make my desserts from scratch and almost all of the ingredients I use are organic.

When I’m not baking, you can find me reading, eating, watching Netflix, listening to music, and going on some craazyy trips ;).

I post pictures of my desserts when I make them and you can find these pictures in the Gallery as well as on my social media accounts. You will find my recipes in the recipes page or you can search for recipes in the search bar. I also make picture tutorials and tutorials on YouTube which you can find on my tutorials page!

~Hope you find something you like!~

Have a sweet day full of baking,

Sofia ❤ 😉

Social Media

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15 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Sophia it’s Atira. Jeetu showed me this site it’s really cool! I can’t believe you actually made that! Also I made websites too. and


  2. Thank you Sofia. Your website is wonderful, and I have not eaten dinner yet, but I’m looking forward to trying your cupcakes for desert.

    Very thoughtful…..thanks so much


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  4. Hi


  5. Sophia! Hoot, hoot!

    Your blog is so very impressive! Your passion is demonstrated in your baked goods, which look absolutely scrumptios. Can’t wait to taste some, hint! I will look into some local programs and get back to ASAP with what I find.

    Continue your journey with baking! I look forward to seeing you on Master Chef some soon.

    Warm wishes,



  6. Hi Sofia! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Participation is optional.


  7. Hi Sophia! It’s me, Tonma, here! (I hope you remember me!) Happy 13th Birthday!! How are you? Come to India soon. And I love your desserts!


  8. Me too! ^_^ And congratulations on winning the ‘cake 4 kids’ contest! 🙂


  9. Hi Sofia, I would love to meet you one day, I live in Texas so it makes it hard for me to travel and visit people but I love your baking…..😌


  10. Hi Sophia,
    I just heard such wonderful things about you. I was very excited to see your blog.
    I am glad you have such a wonderful passion for baking.I heard of you through your soo supportive father. I look forward to your youtube Videos. You are inspirational to young adults. You rock.


  11. Sophia,
    I made your Woopie Pies for my step dad’s birthday. You are a hit in my household. My mom said she forgot how much she loved baking from scratch. Well she watched. Can’t wait to try more of your scrumptious recipes. Your the best.


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