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Aloha Hawaii! (Pt. 2) {A Taste Of My Life}

This is week 2 of my Hawaii adventure! If you haven’t read week 1 yet, then click here!

Okay, so I left off on Sunday, the last day of week 1. Here I go with week 2, day 8!

Day 8:

As I mentioned in my previous post, this was the day my family and I were going to a Luau. A Luau is basically this big Hawaiian feast where hundreds of people eat delicious authentic food while getting entertained by a number traditional hawaiian dances.

So that evening, my family drove to the Grand Wailea, which is this beautiful resort where the Luau was being held.

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Aloha Hawaii! (Pt. 1) {A Taste Of My Life}

(Edit: It took me a LONG time to complete this post as a lot happened in between and I also had to edit hundreds of pictures that were taken which is why I’m posting it few months late :|.)

Summer vacation was upon us and we were looking for some place fun and relaxing to go for vacation. Or rather my dad was looking for places as my mom and I were in Las Vegas during this time. (Click for more on our trip to Vegas)

So basically what happens is my dad calls my mom while we’re in Vegas and tells her that we were going to Hawaii. My mom excitedly asks when. That’s when my dad replies “Oh, in two days”.

Yup, planning two days in advance for a two week trip to Hawaii. Fortunately this wasn’t the first time we’ve gone into a trip with proper planning (refer to Spring Break Trip), so we kind of made the plans along the way. If you know me, then you know I’m not a very spontaneous person, so this was an adventure indeed.

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My Las Vegas Adventure {A Taste Of My Life}


I know, I know. It’s been a while. But I have a perfectly good explanation for that- I was in Vegas!

For 4th of July weekend, my mom and I flew to Las Vegas, Nevada for a convention celebrating my mom’s side of the family’s Assamese heritage. If you didn’t know, Assam is a small but beautiful state in Eastern part of India and every year, the biggest Assamese gathering of expatriate Assamese is held somewhere in the US. This year, it was held at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas.

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My Spring Break Trip! {A Taste Of My Life}

Last week I had no school! Finally a break from classes, finals, stress, and most of all waking up at 6 in the morning everyday.


Yup! I had Spring Break!

My family wanted to go somewhere for vacation during break instead of just being at home all day (which, to be honest, I was completely fine with), so my parents debated where to go.

At the last minute, we decided to go to Reno, Nevada and Lake Tahoe. Also, we decided to have a couple of my young family friends to tag along with us. 🙂

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My Trip To DISNEYLAND {A Taste Of My Life}

A few weeks ago, I did something really exciting, I went to Disneyland alone for a few days! I haven’t really been anywhere far away for this long without my parents, so it was an amazing and new experience for me.


The reason I went to Disneyland was because there was a leadership conference being held there. If you didn’t know, I’m part of our school’s leadership, so about twenty people in my leadership class went on this trip with me.

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My 100th Post + My Trip to the Culinary Institute Napa {A Taste Of My Life}


As you probably know from the title, this is my 100th blog post!  I started this blog 2 years ago and at that time I called it “Sweet Baking”.  I really wanted to make food blogging a bigger part of my life, so to motivate myself and to be deeply committed, I bought my own domain called “The Baking Owl”. It has been a wonderful journey so far. Since I have actively started blogging, I have found out so much about the food blogging community. I’ve also been learned so much through my many experiences (both good and bad) about baking, photography, and writing.

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