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Maple Butter Cinnamon Rolls (Refined Sugar Free)

Fall is here which means my kitchen smells like cinnamon 24/7. Why? Well apart from my cinnamon crumb cakes and gingersnaps, my favorite cinnamon rolls are being made! I love love love cinnamon rolls (as I’ve said in numerous blog posts) and last weekend I made them again (no surprise there) but a bit differently.


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Traditional Nowruz (Persian New Year) Cookies

Last week I made a traditional cookies that is made in the month of march every year in our family for several generations. This tradition is called Nowruz which celebrates the Persian New Year. Every year our family makes a special drink (with seven different kinds of dried fruits) and yummy sweet and salty cookies that we lovingly call “Nowruz Cookies”. I got this recipe from my dad’s aunt which has been in our family for 4 generations.


This was the first time I worked with semolina and let me tell you this is not an easy dough to make.  Among other ingredients there was cardamom, rose water, and pistachios.  Once I was done with making them the whole kitchen was filled with mouth watering smell of rose water, cardamom, and butter. The cookies came out with a nice light brown color- slightly crunchy from outside and soft from inside.



These cookies were so delicious except there was one minor thing. There was A LOT of butter. These cookies were practically butter melting in your mouth. They were SO good.



We gave some to my dad’s aunt and she loved them too and said they reminded her of childhood days when she used to make these Nowruz cookies with her mom- It was a great compliment for me.

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