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Wilton Decorating Class (Course 4)

Last weekend, I took my last Wilton cake decorating class (advance gumpaste flowers). In this class, we made bouquets with the flowers. They included Gerbera daisies, Briar rose, Sweet peas, Ivy leaves, lily leaves, Stephanotis flower, blossoms, and Stargazer lilies. Out of all the flowers, I thought Gerbera daisy was the easiest and Stargazer Lily the prettiest. Some of these flowers were quite hard to make and were very fragile as you can see in the pictures. But they still came out nice and I will definitely use these flowers on cakes that I make.

Week 1:

In week one we made pink blossoms and orange Gerbera daisies that were quite easy. The flowers were made of mostly gumpaste and a little bit of fondant to color the gumpaste. Unfortunately, part of my Gerbera daisy broke and I did not have enough time to make another one.

20131027-103124.jpg      20131027-103131.jpg



Week 2:

In this lesson, we learned how to make Ivy and Lily leaves. For flowers, we learned how to make beautiful Briar roses that we later dusted with color dust in week 3. We also made the Stargazer Lily petals

20131027-103051.jpg   20131027-102532.jpg


20131027-103100.jpg    20131027-103107.jpg


Week 3:

Week 3 was fun because we got to dust our Briar roses, Ivy leaves, Lily leaves, and blossoms with color dust in addition to making Sweet Peas, and Stephanotis flowers. We used lime green, spruce green, goldenrod, and deep pink colors to dust the flowers. The color dust really enhanced the flowers beautifully.


Week 4:

This day was really exciting because it was the last day of the last course! In this lesson, we dusted our Sweet Peas and our Stephanotis flowers. We also assembled and dusted the Stargazers and they were by far one of the most prettiest flowers I learned how to make. Towards the end of the class, we made bouquets of flowers and leaves. Part of my Stephanotis flower’s petal chipped off, so I could not add it to any of my bouquets. I also got my certificate for the last course! 🙂

20131027-102510.jpg  20131027-103041.jpg










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Wilton Cake Decorating Class (Course 2)

Hi everyone! A few days ago, I finished the Wilton cake decorating class (Course 2), Flowers and Cake Design.  This was so much fun and I learned a lot, but I have to say that in my opinion, course 3(which i took earlier) was much easier. I feel a little bit more comfortable with fondant than royal icing, though both decorates cakes beautifully. I learned how to make many kind of flowers including primroses, apple blossoms, roses, lilies, and daffodils. I also learned how to do a basketweave and  a reverse shell border. My final cake was a chocolate cake with a fluffy vanilla buttercream. This time I used a different chocolate cake recipe that I got from the internet and I have to say it is one of the best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted! It was moist, chocolatey, and delicious. Here is the link to the recipe: My cousins were coming from Texas on the last day of my class, so I wrote “Welcome to CA” on the cake. If you would like to see the posts on the other courses I took, click here:     Course 1     Course 3

Here is a quick review of the course:

Class 1:

In this class, we learned how to make pansies and button flowers using gumpaste and fondant.

photo (1)

photo (5)

Class 2:

In the second class, we learned how to make apple blossoms and primroses using royal icing.

photo (9)

photo (10)

photo (13)

Class 3:

In this class, we made roses, daffodils, and lilies using royal icing. Even though in the pictures the daffodils were really pretty, It was probably my least favorite flower to make, but I really enjoyed making roses.

photo (11)

photo (4)

Class 4: In the final class, we brought a cake and decorated it. We also learned how to do the basketweave with buttercream frosting-which was really cute, and we also learned how to do a reverse shell border. I made the purple bow out of royal icing a few days before the final class. Hope You like it!

photo (7)

photo (3)

photo (8)


Wilton Cake Decorating Class (Course 3)

This month, I took the Wilton cake decorating class course 3. Since Course 2 wasn’t available, I decided to go with the 3rd course which was fondant and gumpaste. I learned a lot of things during these 4 weeks like how to make fondant and gumpaste bows, flowers, and how to cover a cake with fondant. The flowers that I learned to make included mums, calla lilies, daisies, roses, and carnations. I specifically liked making the roses even though they were the hardest. For my final cake, I decided to go with an elegant and girly cake design.

I will be taking Wilton’s course 2 starting next week.

First Class:

In the first class, we made rose bases, carnation bases, mum bases, and  a fondant bow. I also added a little bit of white pearl dust to make the bow sparkle.


Second Class:

In the second class, we used our rose bases and made roses. We also made carnations and calla lilies. They all looked so real!





Third Class:

We used the mum bases to make mums and also made daisies. (Sorry, no pics of the daisies)


Fourth Class:

In the 4th class, I made my final cake. We learned how to make different types of borders using fondant and how to cover a cake with fondant. I made my own marshmallow fondant and used it to cover my cake. My cake was a 2 layer 6 inch vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream between the layers.



I had a lot of fun during this course and I loved working with the fondant and gumpaste. It felt just like Playdoh!