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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!

I hope everybody had a great time in 2013. I know, I had a great time baking all of these desserts. To finish off the year, I made a pull-apart cupcake clock, showing the count down to 2014.

These cupcakes were really fun to make. I made the vanilla cupcakes (any flavor is fine) and frosted them with a white buttercream and gently place chocolate Roman numerals on each cupcake. Then, I positioned them on a cake board in the shape of a clock. The clock looked really cute and delicious. We shared them with our close friends and every one took a cupcake with their lucky number on it :). For full instructions on how to make this cupcake clock, please look below the pics.

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Pull-Apart Cupcake Clock


12 cupcakes (any flavor, I used vanilla)

White Buttercream

Chocolate (any type, I used bittersweet)

12 inch Cake Board


1.Frost cupcakes with white buttercream.

2.Melt chocolate and pour into piping bag (a ziplock bag will do fine as well). Snip the very end of the piping bag.

3.Then on a piece of wax/parchment paper, pipe the Roman numerals 1-12 and pipe 2 clock hands. Let it harden in the fridge or freezer for 10 min.

4.Then place frosted cupcakes on the border of the cake board with a little bit of icing on the cupcake bottoms to secure it to the board.

5.Carefully peel the chocolate numbers off and place each one on the cupcakes in the right order.

6.Finally, peel off the clock hands and position it in the center of the cake board using melted chocolate to glue it onto the board.