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Cookie Monster Cupcakes

Last weekend I made these adorable and fun cupcakes for a friend that looks like a character everybody loves.




These cupcakes were so much fun to make and were very effective. They were so easy to make, that I decided to make a tutorial on my YouTube channel – TheBakingOwl – so all of you can make them too!

Awhile ago, I made a cookie monster cake for my brother’s birthday that is very similar to the cupcakes I made.


To make these cupcakes, you only need 5 ingredients:

Mini chocolate chip cookies




Blue frosting


White candy melts


And of course, cupcakes!



And after a few easy steps, you have beautiful cupcakes that are just so cute!

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Cookie Monster Cake

Last Thursday, on the Thanksgiving day, it was my brother’s 6th birthday. I decided to surprise him with  every kids’ favorite character: The Cookie monster! Making this cake was really fun and super easy. I did not use any fondant; only icing, a marshmallow, and a yummy chocolate chip cookie of course! All I did to make this cake was pipe on royal blue icing with a #21 star tip on the sides and top of the cake. I also left some space on the top of the cake for the mouth. For the mouth, I used black chocolate icing and just spread the icing where I wanted the mouth to be. For the eyes, I took one normal sized marshmallow and cut it in half. I placed each half of marshmallow on the cake and used two brown M&Ms as the pupils. Then I used a mini chocolate chip cookie and stuck it into the mouth with a trail of cookie crumbs.

My brother really enjoyed eating this cake and so did our thanksgiving guests!

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