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115 Cupcakes!

Last week I made A LOT of cupcakes! 115 to be exact. I have never made such a large amount of cupcakes in my life. That’s 12 batches of cupcakes and frosting! You all are probably wondering why I would make so many cupcakes in one night in the middle of the week. Well I’ll tell you.

Every year my school has a fall/Halloween festival for all of the 6th graders and a couple of students in our Leadership class gets to be in charge of holding this event, this year I was one of those students. We were planning to buy cupcakes for all of the students, but then I volunteered to make them. The flavors of cupcakes and frostings I used were chocolate and vanilla. The recipes I used are from these websites: chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. Since this was a Halloween themed festival, I decided to make the vanilla frosting orange and use orange and black cupcake liners for the cupcakes. I also sprinkled some orange and black sprinkles to make the cupcakes more festive. Hope you like it!

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes before and after they were frosted.


20131027-093618.jpg  20131027-093714.jpg

20131027-093603.jpg  20131027-093736.jpg

20131027-093754.jpg   20131027-093550.jpg




Vanilla Cupcakes with a Raspberry Filling

Yesterday we had some guests come over for dinner, so my mom asked me to make something for the dessert. And of course I wanted to make something new so I made vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry jam filling, and topped off with homemade sweetened whipped cream. These cupcakes had a really nice flavor to it and everybody really liked them too. For the filling I mixed some raspberry preserves with a little bit of sweetened whipped cream to give it a bit of sweetness. If you would like to know how to make homemade whipped cream click here or go to my Recipes page for my homemade recipe. You can also find my vanilla cake recipe in the Recipes page too. Hope you like it!

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes:




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Red Velvet Cupcakes

The weekend finally came, so it meant Baking Time! I wanted to make something classic like red velvet cupcakes. So I found a recipe and made 12 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Here is the link to the recipe,

The batter turned out more liquidy then I thought, but it still rose and was very tasty. Even my dad, who is vegan, tried a bite and loved it! We gave a few cupcakes to my parent’s friends and they liked it as much as we did.

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes:

red velvet cupcakes 001

red velvet cupcakes 003


Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day! So today, since it is Mother’s Day, I made a bouquet of cupcakes. First, I got a flower-pot and inserted a styrofoam ball that fit perfectly into the pot. I then used toothpicks to stick the cupcakes around the styrofoam ball. It took me 14 almond vanilla cupcakes. After the cupcakes were on the styrofoam ball, I piped a buttercream hydrangea on each cupcakes using a 2D tip. I used pink and white  vanilla buttercream. I got this idea from a YouTube video. Here’s the link  When my mom saw the cupcake bouquet, she was thrilled and it also tasted good too. The card next to the bouquet is from my little brother.

A few pics of the cupcake bouquet:




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Cinnamon-Coffee Cupcakes

Hey guys! I have always loved the flavor of cinnamon and I thought about adding it into my coffee cupcakes. I also had never made coffee frosting, so I made my own recipe of coffee frosting based on a simple vanilla buttercream. I used a 1M tip to frost a swirl on the cupcakes. It turned out pretty good with bitterness of the coffee, the sweetness of the sugar, and the spicyness of the cinnamon. The frosting did turned out to be slightly too sweet, so I’ll probably adjust that next time, but other than that, they were delicious! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of the cupcakes:



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Dog Bone Cake

Last week, me and my family were visting my cousins that lives in LA and last tuesday was their dog, Spencer’s, 1st birthday. So I decided to  bake a vanilla almond birthday cake with buttercream frosting. I had many ideas for decorating Spencer’s cake but in the end  decided to go with making a “textured” dog bone cake with a big red fondant bow on top. I guess the cake wasn’t really a dog cake since only humans could eat it,  but we did let Spencer have a little piece of it. It was really fun making the cake since my cousin was helping me. I made cupcakes with the extra cake batter and used a bag striping technique to frost them. Here is a picture of the cake and Spencer.

trip to LA 2013 003

trip to LA 2013 006

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Vanilla Muffins

It was my teacher’s birthday so I decided to bake something for him. I baked him regular sized cupcakes and mini cupcakes using all organic ingredients. The muffins came out really cute when I packaged them in a box.

bnp paribas pen 155

bnp paribas pen 164

Vanilla Cake

Makes 1 8in. Or 9in. Cake

Makes about 15 cupcakes


2 sticks of organic unsalted butter

1 cup of granulated sugar

4 organic eggs

1 1/4  cups of organic all purpose flour

1/4 cup of almond meal

2 tsp. of baking powder

¼ of a tsp. of kosher sea salt

2 tsp. of pure vanilla extract


  1. Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Grease your pan with butter or cooking spray.(Line cupcake liners if making cupcakes)

  2. With an electric mixer, beat butter until nice and creamy. Then add sugar mixing well until the mixture is light and fluffy.

  3. Then add eggs one at a time beating at medium-high speed.

  4. In another medium sized bowl, combine flour, almond meal,  baking powder, and salt. Whisk until there are no lumps.

  5. Add the flour mixture a little bit at a time, beating well after each addition.

  6. Finally add the vanilla extract and beat until all of the ingredients are well incorporated.

  7. Pour batter into prepared pan and bake for 35-45 minutes or until a toothpick is inserted into the cake,  comes out clean.

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Vegan Baking

Last week, I tried making a vanilla vegan & gluten free cupcake for my dad because he’s vegan and he can’t eat flour either. I just took my normal vanilla cake recipe and used substitutes (Almond meal for flour, organic ground Flax seeds for eggs, and vegan margarine for butter) for the ingredients that were not vegan. The cake batter tasted really good but when I took the cake out of the oven, it looked horrible! The cake didn’t even look like a cake and remained as a liquid.

But, anyways yesterday I decided to try once more. I changed my recipe for the cupcakes a little bit (instead of using margarine as a substitute for butter, I used grape seed oil) and this time my efforts were successful (hurray). Unlike normal cupcakes these (vegan) ones had a crusty top and the inside was really really soft and chewey. In other words, it was AMAZING! It tasted different but really good. My dad loved it! After the first batch of cupcakes, I made another batch and this time I added little bit of valrhona choclate. Also, instead of using sugar I used agave nectar. These cupcakes turned out to be good as well. They had a chocolate crust and inside were chewey. They were a little bitter (for my tatse – but dad liked it). I tried them with vanilla ice cream later and than it was yummy.

Here’s a really helpful website for those who have allergys, are vegan, or just want to eat a healthy dessert.

vegan baking and tina bday 027

vegan baking and tina bday 031