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50th Chocolate Coffee Birthday Cake

Adding to the list of desserts I made during Thanksgiving week, I made this 50th birthday cake for my mom’s cousin. My whole wheat chocolate coffee cake is a favorite among my family, so I made this along with delicious milk chocolate frosting as the filling.


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Batman Cake

Thanksgiving break happens to fall around the same time as my dad and my little brother’s birthdays. My brother’s birthday came first which meant I had to somehow find the time to make a cake for him.


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Cinnamon Crumb Cake (Picture Tutorial!)

Guess what?! Another fall recipe!

Today I made a crumb cake! Crumb cake is also sometimes known as coffee cake. There are multiple variations of this cake, but because we’re getting into the fall season, I went for a cinnamon crumb cake.


A crumb cake is basically a moist cake with a crumble on top and in the center of the cake. The crumble that I used is made with a mixture of two kinds of sugar, cold butter, pecans, and walnuts. You can’t go wrong with those ingredients. 😉

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Gingersnaps (Refined Sugar + Gluten Free!)

I feel like fall has officially started. We finally have weather colder than 85 degrees here in NorCal which means I have an excuse to make as many fall like recipes as I want.  I absolutely LOVE fall baking especially if I’m making gingersnaps.

One bite out of these gingersnaps and you’ll taste an explosion of spices and that prominent sweet ginger. It’s basically the definition of fall in your mouth.


Did I mention that they’re gluten free? And refined sugar free? And dairy free? Yup. The best part is that you wouldn’t even know what was missing if you ate one.

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Halloween Sugar Cookies

Happy Halloween everyone! I don’t know about you, but Halloween is one of my most favorite holidays ever. Not just because of all the candy, but also because of the fun and festive desserts that I can make. I love making Halloween everything- cupcakes, rice krispy treats, cookies, and SO much more.

I’ll admit that I wanted to do so much more for Halloween this year, but unfortunately between school and family visiting, I didn’t have enough time to do that. But, I did manage to make these adorable sugar cookies!


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Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Fall is finally here and in my opinion it’s one of my favorite seasons.

And it’s not because of the red and gold leaves or because it’s finally sweater weather, or even because I get a week long break from school.  It’s because I have an excuse to bake with so many flavors.

I mean there’s pumpkin and apple and so many different spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.

Today I have here a recipe that’s so easy you don’t even a need an electric mixer. It can be made all by hand. Not to mention that these cupcakes are absolutely delicious.


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115 Cupcakes!

Last week I made A LOT of cupcakes! 115 to be exact. I have never made such a large amount of cupcakes in my life. That’s 12 batches of cupcakes and frosting! You all are probably wondering why I would make so many cupcakes in one night in the middle of the week. Well I’ll tell you.

Every year my school has a fall/Halloween festival for all of the 6th graders and a couple of students in our Leadership class gets to be in charge of holding this event, this year I was one of those students. We were planning to buy cupcakes for all of the students, but then I volunteered to make them. The flavors of cupcakes and frostings I used were chocolate and vanilla. The recipes I used are from these websites: chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. Since this was a Halloween themed festival, I decided to make the vanilla frosting orange and use orange and black cupcake liners for the cupcakes. I also sprinkled some orange and black sprinkles to make the cupcakes more festive. Hope you like it!

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes before and after they were frosted.


20131027-093618.jpg  20131027-093714.jpg

20131027-093603.jpg  20131027-093736.jpg

20131027-093754.jpg   20131027-093550.jpg



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Fall Leaf Cookies

I made these fall leaf cookies during fall. These are very thin and crispy leaf shaped cookies. I piped the veins before baking the cookies with chocolate batter. Here is the link to the recipe,