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Mini Tie Dye Cupcakes

Last Thursday I made cupcakes for a school festival just like the cupcakes I made for our school’s fall festival last year.

This time I only made about sixty mini cupcakes unlike last time where I made over one hundred regular sized cupcakes.

I wanted to decorate these in a simple but different way. So instead of just doing a boring cupcake swirl…..


I did TIE DYE cupcake swirls. Yup. I just went against the rules of single colored swirls. Oops.


Cupcakes have never looked so colorful. These were so easy to make yet it looks like something a unicorn would’ve eaten.


Unicorns or not, these cupcakes were single bites of deliciousness.


To get the tie dye effect, you basically take three different colors of frosting (or as many as you like) and place each color, vertically, in different sections of the piping bag. The colors I used were pink, blue, and yellow. When I squeezed the piping bag, the colors slightly mixed creating new colors. The pink and blue created purple, the yellow and blue made green, and the pink and yellow made orange. I used my vanilla cake recipe to make these cupcakes which you can find in my recipes page.


These cupcakes would be a great treat at any festival or party!

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115 Cupcakes!

Last week I made A LOT of cupcakes! 115 to be exact. I have never made such a large amount of cupcakes in my life. That’s 12 batches of cupcakes and frosting! You all are probably wondering why I would make so many cupcakes in one night in the middle of the week. Well I’ll tell you.

Every year my school has a fall/Halloween festival for all of the 6th graders and a couple of students in our Leadership class gets to be in charge of holding this event, this year I was one of those students. We were planning to buy cupcakes for all of the students, but then I volunteered to make them. The flavors of cupcakes and frostings I used were chocolate and vanilla. The recipes I used are from these websites: chocolate cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes. Since this was a Halloween themed festival, I decided to make the vanilla frosting orange and use orange and black cupcake liners for the cupcakes. I also sprinkled some orange and black sprinkles to make the cupcakes more festive. Hope you like it!

Below are a few pictures of the cupcakes before and after they were frosted.


20131027-093618.jpg  20131027-093714.jpg

20131027-093603.jpg  20131027-093736.jpg

20131027-093754.jpg   20131027-093550.jpg