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Mother’s Day Chocolate Flower Pots

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere! This year for Mother’s Day, I made a delicious treat that moms everywhere will love- chocolate flower pots!

photo 3

Last year for Mother’s Day, I made a cupcake flower bouquet that was very cute and effective. This year I baked moist chocolate cake in little jars with chocolate flowers I made.

photo 5

These desserts were very easy and simple and only needed a few things to make.

What I did first was bake chocolate cake batter in oven safe glass jars and for the dirt, I slathered on some Nutella (or you could also use chocolate frosting) and added crushed Oreos (or any chocolate cookies) on top.

photo 4

Then, for the flowers, I melted several different colors of candy melts and poured the melted chocolate into Ziploc bags. I snipped the corner of the bag and piped different kinds of flowers on to some wax paper. For the stem, I used cake pop sticks dipped into green melted chocolate and after it was dried, I attached the stem to the back of the flowers using a bit of melted chocolate.

These treats aren’t just great for Mother’s Day, but for many other occasions and holidays!

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Mother’s Day Cupcake Bouquet

Happy Mother’s Day! So today, since it is Mother’s Day, I made a bouquet of cupcakes. First, I got a flower-pot and inserted a styrofoam ball that fit perfectly into the pot. I then used toothpicks to stick the cupcakes around the styrofoam ball. It took me 14 almond vanilla cupcakes. After the cupcakes were on the styrofoam ball, I piped a buttercream hydrangea on each cupcakes using a 2D tip. I used pink and white  vanilla buttercream. I got this idea from a YouTube video. Here’s the link  When my mom saw the cupcake bouquet, she was thrilled and it also tasted good too. The card next to the bouquet is from my little brother.

A few pics of the cupcake bouquet: