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Molten Lava Cakes (Gluten & Refined Sugar Free) {Picture Tutorial}

Valentine’s Day is here and you can’t spend the day without making these wonderfully chocolatey lava cakes.


Molten lava cakes have been a favorite dessert of mine ever since I was little. I clearly remember the first time I ate one; I was on vacation in Whistler (a beautiful town in British Colombia), with my family and the four of us had to share one little lava cake. I remember the hot chocolate oozing out with vanilla ice cream melting into the warm cake, my nine year old self wondering how in the world did they get the center of the cake all melty and yummy.

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Cream Puffs From Scratch

This week, I baked delicious, mouth watering, melted chocolate and powdered sugar topped cream puffs!


Typically, Cream Puffs look very delicate, professional, and to some they also look pretty challenging to make.

But I am here to tell you that I made these cream puffs from scratch and it was loads of fun as well. Easy Peasy!

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