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Almond & Vanilla Granola {Picture Tutorial}

Here is something that will make you wanting for more (I’m not even kidding)- delicious, crunchy, sweet, and flavorful almond and vanilla granola!

Yeah, it’s as good as it sounds. Probably even more.

You know the packaged granola you see every time you go to the grocery store? The ones with a million ingredients on the labels? Yup, those are no good. Not when you can make a much more tastier, AND healthier version without any preservatives.



This granola literally had me and my parents fighting over who got the last bit of it. It was that good.

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Dog Bone Cake

Last week, me and my family were visting my cousins that lives in LA and last tuesday was their dog, Spencer’s, 1st birthday. So I decided to  bake a vanilla almond birthday cake with buttercream frosting. I had many ideas for decorating Spencer’s cake but in the end  decided to go with making a “textured” dog bone cake with a big red fondant bow on top. I guess the cake wasn’t really a dog cake since only humans could eat it,  but we did let Spencer have a little piece of it. It was really fun making the cake since my cousin was helping me. I made cupcakes with the extra cake batter and used a bag striping technique to frost them. Here is a picture of the cake and Spencer.

trip to LA 2013 003

trip to LA 2013 006