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Daisy “Cake 4 Kids” Cake #6

I have finally gotten to bake after so long! Like 3 WHOLE WEEKS. Yeah, I know it’s unbelievable.

The reason I couldn’t bake was because we were getting our kitchen remodeled which meant a new oven, so I guess it was worth the wait (even if I was getting low on sugar :/ ).

daisy cake

The cake that I baked this time was for Cake 4 Kids (an organization that I volunteer for). It was for a little girl that was turning two.

I decided to cover this cake with frosting instead of fondant. This cake was a 3 layer white cake with vanilla buttercream.


Because this cake was for a little girl, I loved planning out how I was going to decorate this cake. I probably had about a hundred girly things I could do with this cake. There were fondant bows, icing flowers, chocolate ribbons. Don’t even get me started on the different color schemes. 😉

At the end, I settled for an orange cake and white fondant daisies with yellow centers.


Simple and sweet.



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Green and Blue “Cake 4 Kids” Cake #2!

As you all know, I am a volunteer for Cake for kids.  Cake 4 kids a non profit organization that delivers cakes to disadvantaged children. This week I baked a cake for a boy’s birthday. I decided to go with a simple but elegant design. The birthday boy had requested a green and blue cake with no specified flavor, so I decided to make a vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream. I wanted to try a different kind of vanilla cake recipe, so I tried this recipe. This turned out to be a very soft and spongy cake.

Unfortunately, I could not deliver the cake as I was in school, so my dad delivered it for me.

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Here are some pictures of the cake: