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Father’s Day Vegan Gluten Free Dessert

So last weekend it was Father’s day and it is always a little difficult for me because my dad is vegan and gluten free.


Last year I made a vegan pie cake that looked like a shirt and tie, but his year I wanted to make something even more healthier but still delicious. So I took my original vegan pie cake recipe and made a few changes. For one, I made this dessert without any processed sugar. Instead, I used natural coconut sugar. I also used almond flour and coconut flour instead of just almond meal. Also, for more flavor, I added some chopped walnuts and chocolate chips.


I baked this dessert in a pretty porcelain pan and when it came out of the oven and cooled slightly, I drizzled it with a glaze I made out of coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla extract, and cinnamon!


Although I didn’t decorate this dessert up like last year, I think it still came out great considering that I made this dessert much more healthier! My dad really enjoyed the dessert!

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Vegan Birthday Pie Cake

On December 1st it was my dad’s 40th birthday and since he is vegan and gluten-free, I decided to make my vegan pie cake topped with toasted shredded coconut and fresh berries. The berries I used were raspberries and blueberries. I used the berries to make a border and to make the number 40 in the center of the pie cake. The pie cake is basically made of almond meal, ground flax seed, grapeseed oil, and sugar.

My dad loved the pie cake and was glad he could finally eat something I baked!

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Vegan Caramel Apple Cupcakes

Last week, was my parents’ 13th anniversary, so I wanted to make something different for them. I looked at some vegan recipes and found this good one on Youtube:  I thought since it is fall right now, this recipe would be perfect.

This “vegan caramel apple cupcake” recipe was really good but included flour. Because my dad eats mostly gluten-free, I substituted half of the flour with almond flour. Even with the change of ingredient, I thought it tasted wonderful! The cupcake did not rise much because of less quantity of flour, but the caramelized apples and the spices (nutmeg and cinnamon) really made it into a tasty treat. The cinnamon frosting that I made went great with it. Not only did I love it, but my parents loved it as well. I will surely make this again.

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Below are a couple of pics:



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Happy Father’s Day!

Since Father’s day was last Sunday I decided to make a shirt and tie cake. But because my dad is a vegan, I had to substitute  few things. For the cake, I used my vegan pie cake recipe (made with Almond meal and flax seed). Instead of frosting the pie cake, I covered it with finely shredded coconut. The tie and collar were made of fondant, but that was okay because my brother ate it. My dad’s aunt and uncle came to visit so they had a piece of the pie cake and they loved it! They couldn’t believe that the pie cake was actually egg, butter, flour and gluten free.

Below are two pictures of the cake.




Spritz Cookies

Last week my mom dragged me to the thrift shop. While there, out of boredom I went to the kitchen utensils section and found an old vintage cookie press for $4! It came with 12 disks and three decorating tips. I didn’t know how to put the pieces together so I searched for vintage cookie presses online and found out that it was called the “Mirro Cooky Press”. I also found out that it was worth up to $50! The best part about it was that the cookies came out much better than my new (wilton) cookie press. Here is the link to the spritz cookie recipe

Spritz cookies 011

Spritz cookies 015

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Vegan Pie Cake

Two days ago I baked my vegan pie cake. The reason it’s called a pie cake is because my dad and I could not figure out if it was a pie or a cake.  So we decided to call it a pie cake. Anyways, this is my vanilla, vegan, flourless cake. It is the same recipe I used for the vegan cupcakes that I made last week.  I took my pie cake to a birthday party as a dessert. Everyone loved it! 🙂 They liked the taste of it and the fact that it was healthy.



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Vegan Baking

Last week, I tried making a vanilla vegan & gluten free cupcake for my dad because he’s vegan and he can’t eat flour either. I just took my normal vanilla cake recipe and used substitutes (Almond meal for flour, organic ground Flax seeds for eggs, and vegan margarine for butter) for the ingredients that were not vegan. The cake batter tasted really good but when I took the cake out of the oven, it looked horrible! The cake didn’t even look like a cake and remained as a liquid.

But, anyways yesterday I decided to try once more. I changed my recipe for the cupcakes a little bit (instead of using margarine as a substitute for butter, I used grape seed oil) and this time my efforts were successful (hurray). Unlike normal cupcakes these (vegan) ones had a crusty top and the inside was really really soft and chewey. In other words, it was AMAZING! It tasted different but really good. My dad loved it! After the first batch of cupcakes, I made another batch and this time I added little bit of valrhona choclate. Also, instead of using sugar I used agave nectar. These cupcakes turned out to be good as well. They had a chocolate crust and inside were chewey. They were a little bitter (for my tatse – but dad liked it). I tried them with vanilla ice cream later and than it was yummy.

Here’s a really helpful website for those who have allergys, are vegan, or just want to eat a healthy dessert.

vegan baking and tina bday 027

vegan baking and tina bday 031